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Morgan Fairchild could be a great example of an old lady having younger look. She has a really beautiful and youthful look in her old age. Many people are curious as to what she did to make it so. As we know that, having a good and youthful face is a woman’s dream. And not all people can get this even if they do plastic surgery.

Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery

Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery Then and Now

Her ageless face had been discussed for several years. Some people guessed that she had perfect plastic surgeries. But, recently the ageless lady was reported to have had too much botox or fillers injected so that she looked too plastic. Dr. Youn commented about her latest look. He explained that Morgan Fairchild had too much fat injected in her face and she should stop using it.

Obviously, Morgan Fairchild had plastic surgery in order to make her face rejuvenated. Facelifts, botox and filler are three common procedures that she may have had. First,  a facelift. This procedure tightened her facial skin really well. As we can see, she has no sagging skin. She hadsuccessfully rejuvenated her face. The second procedure is the botox injection. Her forehead looks so smooth, she has removed all the wrinkles that should have appeared when she was getting older.

Third, there are some fillers injected. The cheeks and the lips are two possible areas that have been injected with some fillers like fat, juvederm. or restylane. But, as Dr. Anthony Youn had said, Morgan looks like she’s been having a bit too much injected. She nearly turned into a plastic barbie doll due to the too smooth skin. She needs to be wiser before worse things come.

photo (right) source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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2 Responses

  1. carolene says:

    I watch Morgan Fairchild on TV as a child and I have watched her age over the years I am now 58 years old and she looks younger that I do, she does not age at all and she never show signs of aging. I don’t believe that she had perfect plastic surgery, and the botox rumors are out there to throw off the public from paying too much attention to her ageless face. She did not even need botox, but I believe she got it to cover up the fact that she does not age. The question is why don’t Morgan age, well it is none of out business why, but I for one am tired of having my intelligence dumed down, every time one of these Hollywood celebs, show signs of super strangeness. I believe that Morgan Fairchild gets her ageless beauty from the occult, and I will leave it at that, just know that you are not fooling everyone.

  2. margo says:

    holy shit, what is with these websites with the pidgin english?

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