Miranda Lambert’s Weight Transformation

Miranda Lambert is without a doubt one of the biggest names in country music right now. Not only is the singing superstar married to fellow country hotshot Blake Shelton, but she has also released countless singles throughout the years like “Gunpowder & Lead”, “The House That Built Me”, “Over You” and “Baggage Claim”. Most recently, Lambert put out her hit song “Automatic” off her new album, Platinum, earning rave reviews from fans and critics alike. That’s not the only bit of news from Lambert that is grabbing everyone’s attention. At last week’s Billboard Music Awards, Lambert debuted “Somethin’ Bad”, which is another song off Platinum featuring Carrie Underwood.  In that one performance, the two country stars proved exactly why they’re leading the genre. They absolutely killed it.

Miranda Lambert's Weight Transformation After

Miranda Lambert: Weight Transformation

Who could mention that special performance without noting just how amazing Lambert looked? In her short red skirt, one can’t help but notice the true transformation Lambert has put her body through. Not that the 30-year-old was ever extremely overweight, but she has definitely struggled with her weight over the past couple of years. Now, she looks better than ever. Of course, when someone’s body completely changes, the world automatically assumes that plastic surgery is involved. This case is no different.

Once the plastic rumors started swirling around, Lambert made sure to address them right away. She defended herself, stating that her new and improved body was a result of working out and eating right. If Lambert did actually get liposuction, like the media wants us to believe, she would not be nearly as toned as she is. That’s because people who go under the knife to lose weight, simply do just that. All that happens is the pounds fall out. If they want to build muscle, they will have to work out to achieve that. When you look at Lambert, you can quickly tell that she has been hitting the gym frequently because her arms and legs are now muscly. Besides all this, if Lambert did have liposuction performed on her body, she would have had to drop out of the spotlight for a bit until her body properly healed. However, this is clearly not the case, since she has been making appearances left and right, with little to no time off.

Miranda Lambert's Weight Transformation

Miranda Lambert’s Weight Transformation

You can easily tell that Lambert has worked long and hard for her new body and she deserves all the credit. That kind of weight loss is truly inspiring.

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