Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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“Mila Kunis might change a bit,” said a fan in one forum. It’s always fun to watch someone’s body transformation. And Mila Kunis is one of the celebrities that has gotten a lot of attention for the changes in her body. She was reported to have had some plastic surgeries, including a nose job and breast implants.

Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery

Mila Kunis Rhinoplasty Before and After Photo

The nose job she did looks great. If people noticed her appearance in the past, they would see that she had a bulbous and wide nose. And after the rhinoplasty, her noose looks more refined, with a smaller tip and narrower bridge. Dr. Walden commented that if she had a rhinoplasty, it was really done.

Mila Kunis Breast Implant

Mila Kunis Breast Implant

She also had breast implants. Her pictures show bigger breasts than her earlier photos. Dr. Jennifer Walden stated that Mila Kunis might have had small breast implants to make them slightly larger. And the results are really good – she looks natural and not overdone. Overall, it’s really nice work.

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