Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Tie the Knot?

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Did you tune into “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” yesterday? If so, you caught one of Mila Kunis‘ first appearance since giving birth to her 4-month-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher. While she’s out now promoting her new movie, “The Jupiter Ascending”, she definitely wasn’t quiet about her new bundle of joy. When describing Wyatt she said, “She’s a really good baby. She was 9.5 pounds when she was born. Yeah! Yeah! Uh huh. Because she was so big, she was like a hearty little thing; we skipped the newborn stage. And so she was like a good hearty eater.”

Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Tie the Knot?

Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Tie the Knot?

Unlike most celebrities, though, Kunis decided to take care of her kid all by herself. Both her and Wyatt’s dad, Ashton Kutcher, opted not to hire a nanny. Instead, Kunis took time off to stay home with their firstborn child. She explained, “Here’s the thing: When I go back to work full-time and have to have 17-hour workdays, I’m gonna need somebody to come and help me because I can’t do both,” the new mom said. “But because I’m in a very specific place in my life where I could take time off, I did. And I don’t think that everybody has that privilege. I think that people nowadays have to go back to work right away and I didn’t, so I took advantage of it. Like, I love the fact that the first three months she and I were up every night. And I figured her out and she figured me out and she now sleeps in her own crib in her own room, and I will never have that time again. So, for me, it was a really nice three months.”

Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Tie the Knot?

Did Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Tie the Knot?

During the appearance, though, the conversation soon moved over to her love life. Of course Ellen had to get to the bottom of things on whether or not the reports of a secret wedding between the two actors was true. Ellen said, “It’s my duty as a talk show host to ask you the question if you’re married, because he posted this, so it means something, I would think.” This was brought up as Ashton’s picture of “The Kutchers” written in the sand appeared onscreen. Mila obviously played it coy by saying “I don’t know! I don’t know! I don’t know. We could just be a plural. My daughter has his last name legally. So thus there’s multiple Kutchers. He has a brother that is a Kutcher.” As Ellen began to pry even further, Mila just giggled and smiled, giving it away that the two did indeed tie the knot.

Why do stars always have to be so private about matters that are so…whatever. I don’t know, I guess I’ll just never get it.

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