Michelle Pfeiffer Nose Job Before and After Photo

Michelle Pfeiffer rumors about her nose job are still discussed by some people. They love to discuss this case because Michelle Pfifeffer denied all the rumors even though her nose clearly looked done. Michelle’s nose looked different from several years ago, because in the past she used to have a wider nose.

Michelle Pfeiffer Nose Job

Michelle Pfeiffer Nose Job

People thought that she had a cute nose in the past and that there was no problem with it. And now, as people can see, her nose’s bridge looks narrower with a smaller tip than before. Her nose is too narrow, almost like the late Michael Jackson’s nose. Looking at the nose metamorphosis, it seems she had a rhinoplasty more than one time.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer commented differently. He said that she might want to enhance her look a with a nose job and botox, and that she did it well and not overdone.

Even though the doctor said it as a fine work, some still feel Michelle shouldn’t have had a rhinoplasty. Some feel it was overdone, and that it changed her look to make her appear like someone else. It was needless, and she should be more careful about considering what procedures to have.

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