Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Call Off Engagement

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I have some bad news to report for Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy. The couple has decided to officially end their engagement. A rep for the talk show host put out a statement on the matter which read, “They love each other very much but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain the relationship.” The two first began dating back in 2007, with nine children total between them during that time.

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Call Off Engagement

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Call Off Engagement

While most of us know Strahan from either his days as a football player or his time now as Kelly Ripa’s sidekick every morning, a lot of people have never heard of Murphy. Well, she is a model, but is best known for being previously married to actor, Eddie Murphy. If this marriage did pan out, it would have been Strahan’s second one as well, as he was once married to Jean Muggli.

It’s always sad when couples break up, but this one is especially depressing as the two have been together since 2009. During that time, they have been able to keep their personal lives fairly quiet, with very few even knowing they were engaged, let alone dating. At one point, Strahan even described Murphy as the perfect women for him because she was so focused on her family, similar to how he is in life. In a recent interview with Ebony magazine, Strahan said, “It’s great. As a divorced man, you just want somebody around your kids who’s respectful and will treat them like her own. When you understand that, there’s never any issue. We laugh and are at graduations and birthday parties, you know…all that stuff.” He then added,  “I love the kids and the family. For us, it’s key that we maintain normalcy. We have a great life. People can buy into their own celebrity, and that’s a dangerous thing.”

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Call Off Engagement

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Call Off Engagement

Are you upset to see these two call it quits? To be honest, I didn’t know much about Strahan and Murphy’s relationship, but from what I could tell, they seemed like a happy, grounded couple. What a shame.

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