Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After

53-years old Meg Ryan was among one of the most beautiful ladies in the entertainment industry. But her decision to undergo plastic surgery has proven to be horrible and has changed her looks completely. She seems nearly unrecognizable after undergoing various cosmetic procedures. Some even say that Meg Ryan’s bad plastic surgery has ruined her acting career. You can also check our previous article where Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery before and after photos will help you see the differences between her present and past facial features.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

You can easily see the change in her lips and cheeks which are obviously are the results of lip implants and facelift surgery. Her lips did not come out natural at all. They look tighter and plumper than before. Her eyes and brows are pulled to give her a surprised look. Her fully stretched face clearly indicates that she had used lot of Botox injections. There are rumors of her undergoing breast augmentation. It is not yet confirmed. But, the actress never publicly accepted any kind of plastic surgery she had.

Her changed facial features make it obvious that she has gone under the knife several times. Some even says that her decision to have plastic surgery has gone wrong and taken away her natural beauty. She also had neck lift and forehead procedures. It seems that Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery went too far and extremely wrong, definetley not what she actually wanted. She was beautiful in her youth. The overloaded surgeries have given a shocking disaster to this actress.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan Before & After Plastic Surgery

Before and after photos are the examples of her unsuccessful plastic surgery that could end her career in Hollywood. Meg Ryan’s love for the cosmetic procedures has brought an adverse affect on her beautiful appearance. You can read more about Meg Ryan here

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