Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Mary Tyler Moore is unrecognizable because of the plastic surgery she did. Now, she looks plastic. She likely had several surgeries to make her face look like it is today, which is a bit weird. It seems like she may go a bit too far with plastic surgery, and it’s turned into plastic surgery gone wrong.

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She may have had multiple cosmetic surgeries including a facelift, blepharolasty, botox and fillers. It’s very unfortunate that she has to spend her older days with that kind of face.

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

First, she had multiple facelifts – and the result is not good. The shape of her face looks too tight, and it doesn’t seem like she learned from her experience. She’s had multiple facelifts and it’s ended with too tight skin.  The second procedure is a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, which she did to make her eyes more open and refreshed. The result of this was also not good.

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Third, she’s had botox injections and fillers that made her face weird and swollen. The botox injection would have been to remove all the wrinkles on her forehead, but that and the fillers make her cheeks look swollen. It looks like Mary Tyler Moore has had too much surgery. The procedures have only made her face look worse and unrecognizable, and likely make her older days full of regret. She needs to immediately stop doing anything related to plastic surgery.

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