Mary-Kate Olsen Debuts Look Post Plastic Surgery

Remember Mary-Kate Olsen? I mean, who doesn’t? She was only one half of the Olsen Twins, which were pretty much the hottest thing in all of the 90s. Well today, this “Full House” star is practically unrecognizable. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that she now looks nothing like her twin, Ashley.

Mary-Kate Olsen Debuts Look Post Plastic Surgery

Mary-Kate Olsen Debuts Look Post Plastic Surgery

The former child star first caused a stir with her new look when she appeared at the 2014 World of Children Awards in New York City last week. When standing side-by-side to Ashley, you could see there were clear differences in her face. There has been talk for a while that the actress turned designer went under  the knife, but there’s no denying that now after this appearance.

While she doesn’t look as drastically different as some stars do after plastic surgery (hello, Renee Zellweger), she has transformed quite a bit. One of the main parts of her face that looks like its been played around with is her cheekbones. Now, she has highlighted cheekbones that are definitely not natural.

Mary-Kate Olsen Debuts Look Post Plastic Surgery

Mary-Kate Olsen Debuts Look Post Plastic Surgery

I can’t judge any celebrity that wants to undergo plastic surgery to improve their appearance, since I get that they’re under the public eye and that it must be hard to have their looks scrutinized at every possible second. However, it really leaves me scratching my head when a celebrity takes steps as bold as Mary-Kate did. When you have a twin who is just as famous as you are, it’s going to come out that you went under the knife. Anyone who takes one clear glance at you and then your sister will obviously see that you two don’t look alike anymore. In my opinion, you should either come clean about the procedures you’ve had done or don’t get it done at all. There’s no point in lying or covering up the truth here. Plus, Mary-Kate is only 28 years old. Was any plastic surgery really necessary? What do you think?

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  1. Maria says:

    She just looks scary and so much older now. What a shame. Are everyone in Hollywood going mad? Looks like a virus distorting all those once beautiful faces. Ashley, stay cool, don’t do the same! Christ!…