Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Who does not know Marlo Thomas? Well, I think most people already know that Marlo Thomas is one of the Hollywood actresses famous not only as an actress, but also as a producer and social activist. Talking about Hollywood actresses, it is not new thing for them to have plastic surgery. How about Marlo Thomas, does she belong to the plastic surgery club? Let see before and after photos of her.

Recently, Marlo Thomas still exists on American television broadcasts. Even though she is getting into her seventies, there is almost no change in her appearance. How does she manage to stay looking so beautiful and young? Well, professional opinion says that botox injections could make her skin this smooth. Normally, a 76 year old would clearly have wrinkles on their face, especially on their foreheads. Marlo Thomas does not have this.

Filler injections would also make the shape of her lips wider, making them look more sexy. Marlo Thomas’ lips have that unusual shape. It’s impossible to get wider and sexier lips without having some kind of injections done, further evidence that she’s been doing plastic surgery. Her eyebrows are also now a strange shape. It’s very clear that these changes won’t happen naturally. Marlo herself has never provided any confirmation regarding the plastic surgery rumors, but we think that they can be proven even without her comments.

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