Marion Cotillard Plastic Surgery For Breast Implants

Marion Cotillard’s breasts are being discussed by some media. Specifically, they are talking about whether the beautiful French lady has had her boobs done. The rumor started from a before and after photo spread on the internet. From the photos, you can see that her breasts look different from before. They look bigger, making it seem like the implants were successfully done. From the photo, we could find that her breast seems different than before.

Marion Cotillard Breast Implants

Marion Cotillard Breast Implants Before and After Photo

A famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, concluded that silicone could be behind her thin body but large breasts. Essentially, Dr. Youn agreed with the rumors.  Marion Cotillard didn’t respond to the rumors. But overall, she did a nice job that likely boosted her confidence in the entertainment industry. What do you think of it?

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