Male Celebrities Who’ve Had Plastic Surgery

It’s an oddly frustrating phenomenon that female celebrities are at the center the gossip world when it comes to plastic surgery. From breasts to noses, there’s hardly a day that goes by when a female Hollywood-hotttie isn’t questioned about her looks. With the feminism debate all the rage, it’s only fair to take a step-back from the regularly scheduled female-centric nosiness to take a gander at a few guys who’ve gone under the knife in the name of stardom.

Male celebrities plastic surgery:

Michael Jackson:  Jackson was notorious for his multiple plastic surgeries. He reportedly had over 100 surgeries over the course of 30 years. He initially underwent surgery to get a new nose, but continued getting procedures like Botox, lip augmentations, skin bleaching and cheek implants.  He was nearly unrecognizable by the time his surgeries were complete.


Simon Cowell:  Simon Cowell openly admits to getting Botox injections. He’s compared the injections to being as common as using toothpaste. I suppose that’s true if you afford the roughly $600 a year to get them done. If you want implants, that’ll set you back a cool 6 grand.

Mickey Rourke: This actors with roles in movies like Iron Man 2, The Expendables and Get Carter appears to have had multiple surgeries including a facelift, eyelid lift as well as hair transplants. Recent images show him with a bandaged nose, lending suspicions of even more surgery.

Carrot Top: Carrot Top, famous for his head of fantastic red hair (hence the name…) looks like an entirely different person following a series of surgical procedures… and not necessarily in a good way. Recent photos of carrot top hint at multiples surgeries over the last few years including an eye brow lift and lip plumping. Rumors have circulated that Carrot Top resorted to steroids to achieve his new buffed-up look, rumors he has denied so far.


Sylvester Stallone:  This famous action star could taking a licking in any film, but his face seems to have stayed young. Stallone has reportedly undergone several procedures to keep up his youthful appearance. Stallone has never copped to the surgeries, but before and after photos are hard to argue with. Rumors indicate that Stallone has undergone an eyebrow lift, face lift, jaw augmentation and Botox injections.

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