Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Loni Anderson is another veteran actress who started doing plastic surgery to address her age. She is no longer young, but tried to make herself look more youthful with surgery. She has undergone several procedures, including a facelift, breast reduction, nose job, and possibly lip implants.

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery Photo

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

She is among those actresses brave enough to undergo several procedures at an older age. The results are obvious in her appearance. First, she got a facelift. Noting that her age is 72, there is no doubt that she had a facelift to make her skin tighter and more youthful. It looks like the procedure was successful, her skin is smooth and without many wrinkles.

The second is her nose job. She made her nose narrower, and had it reshaped to look more elegant. She also may have had lip implants.  If we take a look at her lips, it looks like her lips are fuller than before. Lip implants or a lip augmentation may explain this result.

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery

Loni Anderson Breast Reduction Before and After Photo

Last but not least, Loni Anderson also had breast implants long ago. Later on, she bigger implants were removed in a breast reduction procedure. According to some, she had some health problems due to having breast implants. Even though she underwent all of these procedures at an older age, she did them well.  She looks great, probably 30 years younger than her age.

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