Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery

Lisa Rinna Lip Surgery Before and After Photo

Lisa Rinna is a 49 year old American actress. Billy Reed was her name in Days of Our Lives, a film which made her popular. It is no surprise that an American actress went under the knife. Lisa Rinna’s new appearance created many speculations among the fans and public about whether the rumors are true or not. Lisa has had several kinds of plastic surgery including lip surgery, botox, facial fillers and a breast augmentation.

First the botox treatment. Lisa Rinna has revealed that she was a fan of botox, she used it to refine the look of her face by removing any wrinkles that appeared. She also has used juvederm in controlling the wrinkles on her face, even though she used it too much.

Second, talking about the fillers she injected, she said that she had done something stupid to her lips. She had injected silicone into her lips. She felt that it was wrong for her lips and made them hard. She decided to remove it, and now her lips look more comfortable and proportional.

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

Lisa Rinna Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

The other news is about her breast augmentation. She has revealed her experience in having a breast augmentation too. The lip surgery should be a lesson for her to be wiser in choosing the plastic surgery she has.

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