Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery

Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Has Lindsay Price undergone plastic surgery? She is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery based on her different appearance in the before and after photos. She seems to have bigger breasts and a more pointed nose.  Besides, in the before photo, she looks like a really fabulous oriental Chinese girl, but recently on an award occasion, she looked like a more Western lady. What do you think, is it a result of plastic surgeries or not?

Lindsay Jaylyn Price was born on December 6, 1976, and is known as a successful and beautiful actress through her great appearances the TV series Lipstick Jungle. Lindsay’s recent appearance invites much speculation about whether this 36 year old lady has undergone some cosmetic procedures. She is believed to have had some plastic surgeries procedures such as a jaw implant, rhinoplasty and bleparoplasty to get today’s appearance.

Before, her look was that of a beautiful Asian woman. Unfortunately, this may have been the problem. I think she didn’t like her small and narrow eyes –the characteristic of Asian people, therefore she fixed it. Jaw implants also helped her to get a better appearance on her face so that she can apply anything make-up and do her hair. She now appears with smaller nose, that isn’t too pointed.

The expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden, says to Make Me Heal that Lindsay Price is a wonderful Asian American girl, but recently she looks like a westernized person. This difference can come from the different angle of camera, the color of her makeup, her hair color, her hair style, and the model of clothes worn. Well, it is difficult to find her old photos, so none can ensure whether her features are real or not.

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  1. Lora McLouis says:

    Her face looks so plastic. She must have had plastic surgery. She is not pretty at all – anymore.

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