Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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What thing do you have in mind when seeing 70 year old Linda Evans? There’s a statement from fans where they said that she was so plastic. Talking about Linda Evans, there would be a simple  question. Why did she go under the knife? It looks like she has overdone with it. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, explained that Linda Evans might have had several kinds of plastic surgery including a facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and lip augmentation. 

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The first is the facelift. This procedure has made her face tighter. The second is the significant change in her nose. The nose looks so different, especially the tip and the bridge. Her nose looks more pointed than before. Her current nose is not good enough, the previous one is better. The alternation to her previous nose was an unnecessary change.

The third is eyelid surgery. This procedure has made her eyes fresher, and any wrinkles or sagging skin around her eyes had been removed. She also had a lip augmentation, her lips look so nutritious, and too plump. And her cheeks look strange, like she’s injected too many fillers. Overall, the 70 year old woman has overdone the facial surgeries and now looks plastic.

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