Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

What makes Linda Evangelista look so youthful at her current age? That is a question that appeared in many forums. Even though she is now 48 years old, she looks 25 years younger.  After being asked about her youthful look, she said that she did botox injections and she was not afraid to admit it.

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery

By looking at her face, we could see that she has no winkles, which looks fairly unnatural at her age. These injections give her a very youthful appearance, helping her on the red carpet.

A plastic surgeon, Dr Michel Salzhauer has explained that  botox injections need to be used well and sufficiently. He noted that users shouldn’t overdo things trying to get a perfect result. What do you think of Linda’s appearance??

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