Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After Photo

Leona Lewis Nose Job

Leona Lewis Nose Job Photo

Leona Lewis is a British singer who became well-known after joining and winning the third X Factor in 2006. When she released her debut album in 2007, she was successful in the international markets. She sold 8 million copies worldwide. In 2011, the “Bleeding Love” singer reappeared with her different look. It seems she has done something to her face.

What kinds of plastic surgery has she had done?

It looks like she had a nose job or rhinoplasty. By comparing the photos from when she entered the X Factor and her current photo, there’s a significant change in the nose. Previously, her nose seemed wide, rounded and with a big tip. And after the nose job she had, her nose looks narrower and there is a smaller tip. Overall she did a great job. It seems suitable with her look, we should give a thumbs up to what she did.

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  1. September 5, 2013

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