Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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South Korea has some of the highest numbers of plastic surgery patients in Asia. According to research most of the people, especially woman, love to change their look with plastic surgery. Lee Min Ho plastic surgery is one of the successful candidates in South Korea. The actor, best known for his Korean drama Boys Before Flower has admitted that he has done work on some parts of his face. By comparing his photos in the past and the new ones, you can see the changes in his lips and nose.  For complete background on Lee Min Ho check him out on Wikipedia.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee Min ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Lee Min Ho’s nose has been successfully reconstructed with a rhinoplasty procedure. His nose looks sharper than before. He got a really good nose, didn’t he? Nowadays, as we can see, his elegant nose makes him more handsome and cool. The second procedure was on his lips. His lips used to protrude out more,  prior to plastic surgery.  Once he fixed his lips, that sticking out effect was gone. Now, he has nice lips, suitable for his face.

The combination of lip surgery and the rhinoplasty have made him into a new Lee Min Ho. Many people, especially girls, are impressed with his current look. Do you think that girls are disappointed in his decision to go under the knife? We guess not. For the man whom they admire looks much more attractive now than he used to. And those girls will not be thinking about his activity on the surgery table.

Join the conversation and tell us what you think?  Do you think Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery was good or bad, did he need to go that far?  Did his lips rally need the change or were they good enough as is?

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304 Responses

  1. Goodnews says:

    all d gials 4 here dey talk nonsense nd u knw waht ?
    SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!

  2. badria salim says:

    Ur da best Min ho…..ur swagz kills my swag

  3. revival says:

    I luv u so much pls send Ur number or call me 08179244822 I live in Nigeria Ur d best

  4. mowizo says:

    i like you ur smiles the way u look how i wish we were close so i could tell you……………… lv u

  5. Annie says:

    I don’t cake love you Le min Ho

  6. ifa fha ichal says:

    i don’t care about all,i like you so much 🙂

  7. Erizabesu says:

    I think make up artiste will go to great lengths to make your ” before make over” pictures look ugly so as to make the public believe they did something extraordinary on your face. I saw lee min ho’s pictures when he was a kid and in my opinion he doesn’t look bad at all. I really don’t know what to believe. Whether you underwent a surgery or not, lee min ho, you look great the way you are, and I’m soooo loving the way you look!

  8. Ester says:

    What I admire in him is his smile and his eyes. He is talented.

  9. suki says:

    Hi… Lee u r so beautiful……love u babe…..

  10. fathima says:

    After the surgery u r very handsome. I’m a #1 fan of u. I dont care about your plastic surgery, because u r my most favourite actor. U r the my dream… Love u soooo much, I’m a SRILANKAN girl 🙂 :* <3

  11. fereshteh says:

    I hate u.
    You are so ugly…
    I hate you so much
    But I love Korea
    Not for the sake of you ,
    Don’t be happy !

    • Mily says:

      Yikes, what do you want from the poor guy? Is he to blame for his looks? Do you know him personally that you can say that you hate him with such a passion? You might not like the way that he looks or acts but why are you wishing him a miserable life?
      I don’t think that he is attractive nor handsome (with his old nose or the new) but he has a nice smile and his acting skills seem to be improving from one series to another.

  12. fariza says:

    Leee Min ho i lve u sooo much.u know wat i want 2 marry u.i lke ur BOF film.u look really hardsome.marry me i’m ur jandi.LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUUUUUUU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH.

  13. Kim says:

    Anyone who believes this article or the picture is a damn fool tbh.Do yourself a favour and goggle ‘lee min ho high school pictures’and see his real pics before he became popular and not this edited stuff..in those pics he was barely 14/15 but this pics looks like someone in there 20’s and how come the after pic used in this article is actually younger than the so called ‘before’ pic…if you are actually a fan of his then goggle 4 his pics when he was a toodler and an adolescent and stop believing craps you read online.!and ps-lee min ho never said he did anything to his face,he and his agency denied it and even released his pics as a kid so stop lying against him is pathetic.

  14. Debbie says:

    Love you oppa, really looking forward to meeting you.

  15. josephine joseph says:

    dats gud.love u lee min ho

  16. Kara says:

    Not a natural good looking guy I guess. That’s too bad that how he’s tricking all these silly girls worldwide. Lol…

  17. Evefranka says:

    U Look Gud Jst D Way U Re,i Like Ur Corage Bt U Should Nt Hv Don Dat.Wel U Look More Handsome Like Afallin Angel,advise,pls Jst B Ur Self Cos Only Dat Can Make U Beter,love U Playful Kid

  18. check out this information says:

    You could definitely see your skills in the article you write.

    The arena hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they
    believe. At all times follow your heart.

  19. Hummm êtes vous certain de ce que vous écrivez ?

  20. ming says:

    for people who are curious of lee min ho’s face before his plastic surgery, just search schoolyard secrets, mackerel run, i dont know too and i am sam. these were his dramas before he undergo surgery. all i can say is that he is really handsome even before the surgery and was the lead role in mackerel run and i dont know too . he will never be the main actor if he doesnt have the looks and talent. i saw it in youtube when he auditioned for boys over flowers on may 2008 with his original/untouched face. maybe the production or whoever suggested for him to undergo plastic surgery to make his looks perfect.and suited to become a flower boy and on september 2008 based on the date of the said video, his nose is longer. i dont know if he undergo lip surgery, but based on his dramas i mentioned above, he already got a very nice smile. thats what i love about him. his smile makes me smile, very contagious.

  21. esther chan says:

    surgery or no surgery ur name is still ur name, ur family is still ur family. u luk is not important,wats more important is wat is inside of u , wel no more surgery…

  22. yashika says:

    look great

  23. Article follement captivant !!!

  24. Stephen emmanuella says:

    Hi lee min ho oppa; heavenly father gave you a perfect beauty before you did the plastic surgery; your beauty does not mean to us but you are quite cute; all we love is your movie actions especially your movie city hunter. Saranghae. We love you oppa min ho but God looves you mooooorreeeee. We hope to see you oneday face to face. FIGHTING!(STRENGHT). YOUR FANS FROM NIGERIA; ELLA OPPA AND LUCY OPPA.. PLS REPLY. +23408109590403; +23408160212666.

  25. kimora Zie says:

    Min Ho oppa is cute with or without surgery.Haters its your lose.

  26. nicole says:

    Lee min Ho is a cute and handsome guy any day any time…. surgery or no surgery he is still a cool sunbae haters should be mindful of their comments …..Min Ho oppa you are my idol keep up the good work.

  27. hally says:

    why do u like posting false stories about celebs you better mind ur business nd forget abt them cox they dnt even know of ur existence…….geez

  28. angellee says:

    he’s just a late bloomer. ^_^ still love him sooo much!!! <3
    he's a great actor, from Boys over flowers to The Heirs, from action to drama, he's the BEST. no wonder he's at the top. and he's charisma and beautiful face are just bonus.
    Well, with or without plastic surgery, Lee Min Ho nose stays looks better than ever. It looks more refined and not overdone. If he really had plastic surgery, I need to say thanks to her surgeon for a very great job.
    you make me happy. ^_^ there's something in you that i can't explain that you can just make my day so complete!! sarangheo oppa!! gonna see you soon. 🙂 FIGHTING!

  29. Joylove says:

    Surgery or no surgery,u’re still the best….we your fans in nigeria will always love you…..FIGHTING

  30. kim sung bin says:

    i luv u lee min ho

  31. tapasi says:

    hii………. im from north eastern part of India…..i luv ur movies…ur way of acting..ur smile.. make me crazy really outstanding..sir coz of u i want to visit korea…….n i hope we meet each other…..keep going the way u r…..my best wishes always with u……..n plssssssssssssssss reply me plssssssssssssssss……….. nomu joh wah hehyo

  32. adaeze says:

    in both of the pictures u are handsome though i will advice u to stop the p.s. We luv u here in nigeria oppa!

  33. u girls of today er totally foooooooooooooollsssssssssssss because he did P.S u like he more than ever foooolllss he is totally ugly what is sogood about he that u love him so mch he is a total fool and arrogent man who does he think he is if u dnt understand why i have insulted ur oppo call me on 00233247654016 and lso say the turth always that he is a soundel girls of today foooooooooooooollsssss he should get a girlfriend

  34. luvlmh says:

    watever they say i will support u oppa!!!!!saranghae yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wanna mee u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ur the besssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muah!

  35. poorna says:

    hey, im an Indian fan of ua’s….. ua too gud….luvd boys over flowers of ua’s…. sarange….Gu jun pyo

  36. LEE MIN HO VIJI says:

    o i nee.

    I think………………………………………………..

  37. Gem says:

    U remain my man. Keep every thing about yourself up.ur doing well. I love u till die

  38. francie lautners says:

    hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you moch!!!!!!!!!!!!! your mah best actor,,,i hope we gonna do work together

  39. mili says:

    i am surprised i don no wt to say but one thing i need to say dat however you are, you are always my idol person….. i don no how to express ma feelin towards u…… before plastic surgery if u did some dramas then also i like u in the same way as now…………. u know i m from india here no one know about you…… but ill be a one who know about you is equal to all indians anyhow before or after plastic surgery u r always best……… because art is from heart not from face…….. all the best for your future i hope one fine day we will meet both together sure…….. till that time i am goin to miss u lotttttttt……….

    • ksaanrhaa says:

      omg im from india and i thought no one there watches kdrama

      • Deepi says:

        i am from india too..i love him sooooooooooooooo much…i like him the way of acting and everything..no matter what you did..art is from soul..not from the appearence.

  40. Maythu says:

    Your are very beautiful boy

  41. erica serrano says:

    Khit nag pa plastic surgery ka wla prin nag bago your so Hansome and Hottest actor. At IKAW Prin ang DaBest actor ko! ^__^ lhat kaya mong gawin. Lee min ho you will Ignore the bad comments. Okey :)) Love u so much i’m u’r Fan in the philippines! :)) i hope i see u Lee Min Ho 🙁

  42. mahtab says:

    lee min hoo face is so good and handsome. i dont know why big nose for him is so perfect and good!!!personality in his serial derama increased his handsome too
    i like his face in personal taste
    and i dont like his face in the Heirs :((

  43. wai lwin maung says:

    I don’t think.really

  44. Jen ng says:

    I think everyone wants to be beauty or handsome even we are not actor or actress . So, it is not matter to do plastic surgery. I do not know who bring this topic on it, but we need to be RESPECT because it is more private personal.

  45. grace (eunhye) qui says:

    even if you did a plastic surgery all over your face before, it does’nt matter because the Lee Min Ho who we love and idolize always Lee Min Ho. We dont or I dont care what the news said about your facial figure before, but still you’re the one I idolize more..Min ho deserved what he have right now ur a best actor.

    saranghamnida OPPA!
    keep on fighting.

  46. ayung says:

    i don’t care whether that is your old photo. i just know that i love you. but seriously, you were handsome back then also.

  47. margaret says:

    I LOVE UUUUUU LEE MIN HO MUUUAAAAHHH!!!!! N i dnt care abt ya P.S

  48. mufpy says:


  49. bella says:

    I like Lee Min Ho with curly hair than straight hair. I just watched Boyover Flowers . I loved (F4). I am watching it again.

  50. Mhen….Y lee min ho?think dt ur beauty is natural..i dnt knw dt u did a P.S!…buh,he’s handsome b4 he did d surgery…I’m one of ur biggest fans, but i’m quite dissapointed in u.y can’t u be urself?without surgery u’ll get 2 where God has destined 4 u.well,luv u<3!…..Thumbs up to Song-il-gook(jumong);so handsome without any surgery…my no 1 actor 4eva!

    • diane says:

      It does nt matter wat his face look like it till nt change who he is .
      He is till just being himself.stardom is all about being presentation,n wat does presentation mean about presenting that which is good ,so he did wat he thought was good for the presentation by cemening n adjusting.is ok 4me bc no one can present any thing without cutting the Ts n dotting the I.so am cool with him n I love him very much until myfrds n family thinks am mad.mydream is to meet him one day.pls y can’t u (agences)can’t make my dream come true ,pls my frds,familly n country will be happy that S Korea makes an African girl dream come true.thanks 4 ur understanding.can u pls make him see this article,.pls sent me a mail.love we re diffrent in colours bt thesame in blood

  51. kwinn baba says:

    that so called before picx luks somewat lyk bruce lee ,not lee minho,lee jx kip chilling n poppin n do ur tin,thumbs up for u…hehehe,we lav ya.u.nid ta vizit naija,de giant of africa,hehehe

  52. SOLI JOON says:


  53. ravali says:

    heyy lee min hoo I LOVE SOOOO MUCH PLEASE will u MARRY ME PLS

  54. Jesie says:

    Every actot and actress are playing all their roll movie or drama always look diff face cos they must being someone as their roll play as usual. What i mean they r face look change or diff cos make up according the charachter their roll playing. So i believes he didn’t do anything wit his face. Cos i saw his mother look so pretty. When she was young and His face look as like his mother exactly!

  55. chommyblaque says:


  56. Ibitoye floral says:

    I love Gun jun pyo,notin concern me wit d surgery,Gun jun pyo pls marry Geum jan di sunbae ,I love seeing both of u 2geda.Gun jun pyo fighting

  57. Sirdear says:

    *wil die 4 u(oohps )

  58. Sirdear says:

    Wat i knw is dat lee min ho remain goo jun pyo en goo jun pyo is 4 jandia.u guys luks awesome en splinded 2geda,u hv 2 come 2 9ja en c ur fans(u wil be moved cos some die 4 u)

  59. Anonymouse says:

    Not just his nose and lips, it’s obvious he had his chin and jaw re-shaped. His chin and jawline were much more broad before. When it comes to fame and stardom, sometimes it takes money to make money. The famous have a product to sell – themselves.

  60. Nawal says:

    It doesn’t matter to me.
    Whether he’s had plastic surgery or not!
    Cause ??? ? ? ? ?? !!

  61. ????????? says:

    ???????????? ? ???????????????????????

  62. Lekan4sure says:

    U r d best go o sohun lee mi ho kim tan i love u daku we too gbadun ur fims

  63. Lekan4sure says:

    I love u lee mi ho u r d best about plastic shoj or not shoji not counsahi mi only tin i knw is u r d best in all d rest oppa we love u so much dont mind tem just cutinu wit ur work may GoD be wit u..oppa we love u r my 1 actor love u guy

  64. Annabell says:

    OMG am so disapointed in lee, i use to see an feel cool about him cuz he is cute,but going under da knife i dont tink am okay wit it,cux i cant see anything rong wit his former lips,but as it is it seems he didnt like his former self,but as for me i dont feel cool about him as much as i use too but any ways tumps up lee,

    • alina says:

      I don’t see any reason for you to be disappointed with him,is not like he changed his all face,those are small P.S ,nothing radical.if those P.S made him feel more confident about his look,what’s the problem? and we like it or not,he’s working in a industry where it’s all about looking good.sad,but that’s the true.

  65. galmo lama pakhrin says:

    lov ew xo mch LEE MIN HO , though we r in difrnt wrld being difrnt plpl stl ,hpe 2 c u 1dae. . . . <3 <3 <3

  66. kimia says:

    my nim is *kimia*:)

  67. kimia says:

    anyo Lee min Ho Oppa

  68. PARK MIN IN says:

    His face is not a plastic surgery, that photo was edit how old are he when he do that at his age 12-28 year old ,his face are not new and his face are only matured. Search every actress or actor will apear in search bar are plastic surgery, some people like to edit pictures to be a before and after picture.

  69. PARK MIN IN says:


  70. hafidha-fida says:

    he is talented actor and i like his before and after picture i mean he’s still lee min hoo right !!

  71. Anonymous says:

    .Lee min ho oppa is very handsome.i love it.luv u

  72. Anny says:

    Well,m nt here 2 criticise anybody but i think u shuld have just been who u were. u shuld have been proud of urself no matter what. God has created you in His own image nd He has a purpose of creating u lyk that. you are the temple of God but now, u have defiled the temple. u shuld Ve just been who u re no mata where u ar or wat u bcom. rmember dis soul z nt ours nd we ll leave dis world one day,so u shuldnt try 2 satisfy humans but u shuld think of satisfing Ur God first above Anytin.dont b carried away by d goodies of dis earth or wat fans think nd say about you bcoz all ll end one day. All achievements and wealth ll pass away wit dis world nd dis insatiable body who wants all d pleasures of life ll go back 2 d dust but our soul ll b left 2 give account of how we spent our life.
    Anyways,Ur acting is pretty gud nd u r really talented. keep it up nd meditate on this simple advice. God bless you real good!! SHALLOM!!!….

  73. Binky says:

    oooh! I never knew but still he’s the first korean actor I had ever seen, due OF COURSE TO K DRAMA. He is great, acting, singing and those long loooks… -__- hehe. Wish he came to Jamaica for a trip eeeeeh! Fans over here!!!!!

  74. Fabiola says:

    love you so much Min Ho! i do not care what your past was!! keep on going my super fan!

  75. Tha Zin Htet says:

    No matter what hedid ps or not…he us my best actir oppa whating!!!!:)))(

  76. lee min ho forever... says:

    i dnt care what u talk about others……but dont talk about our min ho so carelessly…..whats so big deal if he has done plastic surgery……its normal now a days…being cool and handsome is what everyone wants…….

  77. yussnieta says:

    You look very nice before and after surgery.I like it…….you always in my mind.Take care for you face and don’t surgery again,it’s no good for you.You are the best actor for ever and ever……..PERFECT

  78. Tulip says:

    Before and after is not very different

  79. Anonymous says:

    what lip surgery did he do?

  80. Anonymous says:


  81. okay…he had a plastic surgery because he had an accident

  82. Cindy says:

    You do realize that Lee Min-Ho is natural handsome? He ONLY did plastic surgery on his nose because he broke it when he had a car accident, he also broke his legs which he can’t play football (soccer) anymore that he cried that his life is over until he decided to do acting.
    His childhood friends have said that Min-Ho was handsome in High School and was liked by many girls in his school, but not because of his handsome looks but his personality too.
    So I hope you guys don’t misunderstood because I would get pretty upset if you do.

  83. hero says:

    how dare you ruin his image! the fool ones are the only people who’ll believe you. the picture before is either edited to become ugly or not him itself! we LOVE Lee min ho!!!

  84. hero says:

    whoaaa! i don’t believe that this old photo is real, he was handsome without undergoing plastic surgery. you just made this to bring him down but you can NOT! HE is the BEST actor! PERFECT!

  85. HAHA sama says:


  86. nicki rozey says:

    i don’t care what people say,as long as you are still my lee min ho ‘oppa’ i love you so much $kisses$<3 muah.

  87. just me says:

    I don’t care, you look more handsome with that surgery, it is good too see that face everyday. Even you don’t take the surgery, I will still loving you darling.

  88. someone says:

    You can check his graduation picture… nothing change except he grow older and mature… so plz don’t have negative forum here before you check the truth… i can say that the picture “before” is different people..

  89. someone says:

    I can inform you that the picture “before” is not lee min ho himself… this article just put an effort to ruin lee min ho’s image…

  90. supriya says:

    Can you talk with me one time please …as like a friend..8495963899 i will waiting for that…..

  91. supriya says:

    I am supriya from India that to karnataka…i didnt see your films ..only one film i saw..boys before flowers..nice movie because of u…i dnt know how u….bt like u..as a special…thank u and takecare…

  92. Judith says:

    It’s true he performed the surgery but his reasons are best known to him alone, so since he knew the consequence and still go for it am sure he is ready for the after effect so……. let him be.

  93. Judith says:

    Hey ladies lee min ho has got his life to live ok?so u give him space he dont even know if u guyz exist and ur here fighting over who loves him most i admitt do watch his movies nd i like them but ladies dignity is required here helloooooooo?????

  94. was inlove with lee says:

    screw u all who pretend to care for lee what he did wasnt good i loved him because i thought he was an original turns out he was just a fake like the others am so freakin disappointed in him

  95. Olawale says:

    Am so dissapointed

  96. tinaaaa ^_^ says:

    LOL… hahha it was just the nose and the lips.. why make it a big deal? ahhaha ..can you think of those artists over there who are even changing their whole faces? ughhhh.. nothing has changed, actually, he just get even more appealing and handsome.. 🙂 LESS THAN THREE, LEE MIN HO .. <3 .. #KUDOSFOR YOUR "THE HEIRS" :))))——from Philippines, with LOVE!! hahhaha

  97. jubreel faranas says:

    Are u a christain

  98. adageorge says:

    wow..thats not our business…we just have to appreciate.him…we love u here in NIGERIA…UP NIGERIA…LOLZ..KEEP IT UP

  99. prativa thapa says:

    No matter whether he
    does surgery or not……he is always perfect n cool and will b…….hmmmmmmmm i really lov him

  100. prativa thapa says:

    No matter whether he
    does surgery or not……he is always perfect n cool and will b…….hmmmmmmmm i really lov him

  101. Anonymous says:

    how can peeps believe this? the pictures don’t seem like the same person.

  102. esther says:

    everybody has negative impart on him her so but i wish he could not do that because he still look handsome but in all i still love lee min ho love u love love u………

  103. anonymous girll says:

    his before picture is sooooo ugly . i thought his face was sooo perfect because it was natural. well it turns out no. yuck. ewww.

  104. IRANIAN GIRL says:

    ?? ?? ??????
    ??? ???? ????? ?????

  105. Carmina says:

    Ohhh!!! Nkakatuwa naman tlga taung mga fans NI lee min ho..
    …we always support him no matter what!! and we don’t care about all the ba hers of our oppa min ho.. Love you oppa!!!

  106. Anoma elizabeth says:

    platic or iron surgery i don’t care keep it up along with with your surrepstitious eyes i love it nan saranghae oppa.i will make sure that i come and pay you a visit in Korean be expecting me.

  107. Anoma Jjosephine says:

    plastic or wood surgery, I luv him very much…with his enchanting smil… Kongtcho ma a saranghae Oppa

  108. tseyang says:

    oh my gosh u r looking so so so cute.

  109. Mistletoe says:

    It’s very different before his look and after.
    He’s more handsome a lot after he did plastic surgery.
    Yeah I think it’s a good choice that he did that.

  110. hhahahaha…lee min ho is more handsome in heirs!!! hahaha…you better watch it…
    i dont care even if lee min ho did a plastic surgery!! lee minho still my handsome oppa!! hahaha…..

  111. jjane says:

    no matter what they say about you MINHO OPPA I’m still be your No.01 Fan :). Keep Going!

  112. Sheryll Ortiz says:

    Uh!that’s why his nose & lips looks perfect but it doesn’t matter because MINHO is really the best,adorable and such a good actor too…

  113. KALI says:

    Lee Min Ho… Un actorazo! me encanta su actuación. ¿cirugías? puede hacerse lo que quiera, total es su dinero y es su gusto… se le respeta. Ahora le dejaron unos labios para besar (suertuda la que le toque besarlo) una mirada matadora y le dejaron una nariz linda (perfecta para él) así que el nene esta bien asesorado.

  114. Leeminholover says:

    AGHHH I LOVE LEE MIN HO. SCREW ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT CALL HIM FAT AND UGLY, HES SO HOT. he’s probably hotter than you fucktard. Ugh I hate people who hate on actors like honestly do you have nothing better to do?

  115. ayomide says:

    oppa aja fighting,i love you

  116. leticia says:

    what a man he is

  117. leticia says:

    lee min ho weather surgery or not; to me no human being is as good as him in terms of acting, bravity, good heart, strenght and beauty, he will always continue to be my best actor

  118. michelle says:

    all of this is crap,whether he did plastic surgery or not is not my business, Lee u are a Great actor and loved world wide,so what people say or think should not bother you because we your fans are solidly behind you and we love you,one thing I love about Lee is the way he smiles,surgery can’t help you achieve that if it’s not in you,your personality is awesome, your gentle nature made me love to watch your movie over and over again,it’s not about being cute or pretty on the outside,it’s all about the beauty of the soul and that is what I see in you,beside everyone on this planet would want to change something about his or herself if given that opportunity, and Lee’s surgery is because of the accident he had,so it’s no Big deal,if you got a problem with that,why not try getting under the knife,we love you Lee,so many people might neva get to see you,but just be rest assured that we your fans over here would take you public, please keep up the good work,we aspect more from you. chinenye_michelle@yahoo.com

  119. Mirabel says:

    Love u,keep soaring

  120. Ajibulu minozire says:

    Really I don’t care if he did plastic surgery or not, I will still love him cos he is a super good actor and I love all his action. well am frm nigeria we love u oppa

  121. Carolina says:


  122. Anonymous says:

    Lee mo ho is still the best expecialy in my country nigeria …..i wll keep on saying dis no marta how lee mo ho is the best…….up lee mo ho…..up uuuuu lee mo ho

  123. jovita .c.Asihebiaram says:

    when someone becomes a star some so called media wil luv 2 sneak around to get both true and false information abt them,i hv gone thru lee min ho’s history and notice dat dia is no trace of surgery he stil luks handsome ryt frm birth.if u guyz don’t hv anything rather dis i feel sori 4 u guyz.

  124. jm says:

    i love you lee min ho im ur fan

  125. me says:

    Just pray it doesn’t have after effects like micheal jacksons own

  126. minjee says:

    oppa Lee Min Ho… Good Night

  127. minjee says:

    hhmmmm.. annyeong… even though Lee Min Ho is from a surgery ,, for me I don’t care… Still I SALUTE HIM for being a GOOD AND HANDSOME KOREAN ACTOR…. i will alway be your fun from the time i saw you in the Korean novels BOYS OVER FLOWERS… I will always be proud of you because of your good performance and I’m more proud of you because you tell the true you,,…. that would be made proud of the other people… good luck to your carer.. and wish you have to have more movies… but don’t forget to thank your funs.. because they are also the reason why you are there in you’re place as one of the best actor not in Korean but whole world….. 🙂 n<3

  128. Anonymous says:

    Li min ho is d best wit or witout d sugery luv u. Lee. Min ho, hope I can watch all ur movies. Waiting 4 d heirs wit u nd ur gul freind mwuah

  129. top model says:

    SO COOL/////////////////////
    I LIKE LEEMINHO FACE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,’P=P\-90[0Y0R -7
    I LIKE PLASTIC SURGERY ;;””””””””””;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    BUT I’M AFRAID=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

  130. Princess says:

    I LOVE U

  131. Undisputed Aj says:

    No matter what people say ,Lee Min Ho is still my favourite korea actor,Saranghae Oppa,you are the best!

  132. MINOZ says:

    Both look as nice as it is :B Beauty is only skin deep what it matters is inside :> xoxo

  133. ilo kelly says:

    i dont belive in such things who knows whether he did plastic surgery or not someone just framed that up well lee min ho is still the same whether surgery or no surgery.

  134. Derin says:

    He’s got the best smile ever——–with or without surgery

  135. Derin says:

    This is really funny to me, first of all rahmat that picture with the curly hair is from when he did boys over flowers (he hasn’t done any plastic surgery after BOF), pls whoever wrote this should watch ‘I am sam’ and other previous dramas he did before BOF. He still looks the same (just a little older) but still as handsome as ever, he himself said the only surgery he’s done before is a minor surgery for his broken nose and the one for his leg. Chai!!…and please donot bring kim hyun joong into this abeg!

  136. blessing john says:

    his still my best actor no matter wat it may be. I like him.

  137. Love says:

    Plastic surgery or no plastic.u re still my favourite actor.

  138. clara says:

    Me alegro por el todos los famosos del mundo lo hacen eso no le quita el talento eres adorable.

  139. I have noticed a bit changes..I think that’s cool.. Of course if you are an actor/actress, you have to look good and pretty for your fans and all the people that like you.. I really like him.. He is handsome to me no matter what.



  141. simbiat aka simnana says:

    the cuttiest guy i have ever seen keep it up

  142. natalie situmorang says:

    Nobody perfect , but just I say to my idol lee min ho u are the best actor and I luv ur character of all ur films. Don’t stop for (????)? to GOD. All is gone bee alright

  143. Thary says:

    Who cares that he got plastic surgery. He also looked so handsome before and now he’s even look more handsome. He’s the best actor I’ve ever known. My first and favorite korean actor.love him so much<3

  144. Tura says:

    WHAT??? That’s a BIG LIE cos (1) U say it was for BOF but has anyone watched ‘mackerel run’ or ‘I am sam’ he looks great and the same in them and (2) where did dat picture come from its definitely fake. OPPA saranghae no matter what anybody say. Do u wanna earn real and easy money just click on this link hhtp://iamearningcash.com/index.php?share=5130 and make $10 for every member u invite payed directly into ur bank account. Its real, no fraud

  145. aiko aishah fujii says:

    yappari…as i thought so…
    and… no comment…

  146. lol says:

    oh !he admitted that he did a surgery?i red a blog says that minho done a nose surgery beacause of an accident .but whatever it is .i still love minho no matter what ! and i think what improves him a lot is only because of make up .

  147. roshi says:

    no matter he did the surgery.. he s still lee min ho.. and i love him very much.. its no important how beautiful his body parts..the most important thing is his heart ant his thoughts.. by looking at a face we can’t say how he/she is great. thats y lord buddha has said that the most important part of a person is mind and the body is coming after that…

  148. prettyrose says:

    Lee minho is still lee minho nothing has changed..

  149. Meron Mamo says:

    SO WHAT?????????,,,,,,, THAT IS HIS RIGHT TO DO WHAT HE WANTS WITH HIS BODY……………………… It is better to change yourself for good thing than write this stupid stuff………….

    Beloved Lee, “YOU ARE LOVED, FIGHTING………!”

  150. Helen Mann says:

    hey,guys he is still my guy.i hope to meeting him in person oneday cos he is my secret admirer.

  151. comfort says:

    well i am very shorcked to read this but it seems to be what it is. But one thing that i am curious about though is that is it something right infront of God’s eyes the one God who created all human kind to do? Because to me that is to just say ‘you know God, you have just made a mistake right there, but dont worry since you are there and i am here, i will correct it, no problem’ and i wonder what God would say to answer something like that.

    • aiko aishah fujii says:

      cant agree more, comfort..i am also shocked with this site..but it’s ever reached in my mind when i saw his childhood pic and compared with his pic nowadays..there is a difference..but…what will we do for one’s choice if he choose that way??nothing..
      your comment is the best from my view..

  152. Rahmat says:

    D only tin i ave 2 tel u (lee min ho) is 2 beg 4 4giveness frm God,bcos it is only God dat knws wat a man wuld be in his lyf, d pple who are teln u 2 continue dat dey luv u wuld nt follow u 2 ur grave, so pls do wat i tel u 2 do bcos is a sin.God will always enrich ur pocket (AMEN)

    • aiko aishah fujii says:

      rahmat..your comment tickles me alot..lol..
      hell yeah..rahmat..we cant push people to do what he/she wanna do..but if he believes it..but if not?? it’s his business..

  153. Tahywotracy says:

    Nice 1 i just lyk d way he always smile

  154. Princess Vee says:

    I fell in love with ur acting- ur movement, smiles, comportment, carisma, etc. I hope to meet u someday!

  155. Lee juliet says:

    I love you no matter what happen

  156. marah dosi says:

    Am a bit disappointed but……anyway am still your no.1 fan.I lyk acting….keep it up.

  157. rosalie joseph says:

    hey guy,hop u hv done wat u thought its right,xo neva mynd abow wat pple xay abt yo”always in luv wid u!

  158. funmilola oduwole says:

    lee min ho neva mind woteva it bin said abt ur nose and lips surg. u r always a dear and i will always pray for u. u r a public fugure if dre is any part of u dat needs adjustment go for it. luv u

  159. ... says:

    up 2 him if he wants surgery..i am nOt a huge fan but his acting is good..its his life he can dO what ever he wants…his a nOrmal human just like..its just that his jOb needs him 2 look great..his passiOnate enOugh 2 change his looks..good luck 2 yOur acting n life 2..

  160. Kelsi says:

    Min oppa,surgery or no surgery u look cute. We ur fans all over the world luvs u.keep soaring high.

  161. m says:

    the before photo was from a movie called Our school E.T. filmed after Mackarel Run and it’s Lee Min Ho himself, but with darker hair. And the after photo should be one of this year, his cheekbones and chin have changed from BOF to present time and it’s not because of weight issues. Korean celebrities are treated like super humans and they are not, the so called “flaws” are what make us unique.

  162. debbie says:

    u luk good dont mind the haters keep doing what u were meant 2 do n just trust u instinct n shine bright like a diamond

  163. parisa says:

    Oh min ho oppa is realy handsome
    Im crazy about you no matter what they say
    You are the most handsome man in all over the world

  164. Dulawanmaribel says:

    Outside look is important for everyone but for me the best thing for a person is his attitude
    Wether people undergo of surgery or not it is still the same
    Let’s just say that surgery is part of are life wether u are an actor or not…
    The most important thing to a person is he make other people happy by his doings..
    More power minho…
    Just go for ur goal…

  165. eden derbew says:

    i still love u dear even before u were handsome u r z best

  166. ogbaro florence s.o says:

    lee min ho, shara to you jooooo. i too gbadun your movie. i do enjoy the way you act, keep it up bro.

  167. BELLE GO says:

    after i discover lee min ho’s plastic surgery……i’m still one of his fan…..whatever gonna happens lee min still my # 1………

  168. ME says:

    his smile is killing ME

  169. JJ says:

    I Love You Lee Min Ho.

  170. myat says:

    I love ” Lee Min Ho”

  171. Benita says:

    I wonder if lee gets to read all this comments cos i really love him and want to see him in person, i dont believe this bullshit is a white lie.

  172. Kathrine says:

    Vry kul Minho

  173. stephanie says:

    Lee minho you are the best in what u do,love your songs and movies.you always bring out the best in you any time

  174. toyosi says:

    i luv u oppa u are d best in boys before flower,city hunter,personal taste,&faith i wish 2 meet u 1 day

  175. adesina mariam says:

    wat is even wrong with is look i guess nting thing bcos even if he do d p.s dat is d past nd d past always remain d past wat matter here is dat he still an ambition man nd man of talent nd action i love u bcos am ur fans i wsh u best of luck watin for ur nw film .my heirs pls always be d bst so ur fans wont be disapointed at u

  176. Revathi says:

    Lee Min Ho looks great… He s the wonder actor. As i m an Indian i like him very much… Not only even my friends like him

  177. Efe says:

    wel either surgery or not Lee Min Ho is still the one of my best actor, he is so wit wat he do gud.

  178. aliyu rabiat says:

    Li min ho u are still my best actor surgery or no surgery

  179. ruth says:

    am lee minho fan,and abt surgery that is his privecy and it mean notn cuz he is z same person like before,he is best actor in korea,like bof and city hunter i love him to death,ppls who doesnt like lee minho just shut up! Cuz no one give u right to talk bad abt me,i wish u happy life,saraghe,go lee minho@ruth

  180. Anonymous says:

    wews kya pla kakikinis ng mga korean .. SURGERY pla .. hmmmmm’ :3

  181. Barbie says:

    I still love u min ho.i am your number 1 fan.

  182. Jae says:

    Dat before picture looks like an old man, how can a boy in his twenties look like that. I am not defending min ho,i am not even his fan, just kinda suprised.

  183. Becky says:

    Lee min ho! Plastic surgery?Are you guys serious? But he looked the same in his earlier movie “mackerel run”. Love u lee min ho.dont mind what people say,you are still the best

  184. Nina says:

    If an actor becomes popular they wil look for ways to bring him down.anyway i dont believe everything i read and i dont believe dat before photos.lee min ho is my favourite actor.

  185. ashney says:

    anyeong ahseyo oppa!
    go and fight!fight!fight!….you’re still d best among d rest……
    you’re still handsome and cute………..

  186. but i still idolized you ..
    and yeahh !! i love your movies .. especially the boys over flower , and also the city hunter .. i really do adore ! mwahhh // 🙂

  187. change a lot ,.. after surgery !!
    it was very awesome .. 🙂

  188. Anonymous says:

    mr.writer compare your photo from kitchen garden nd present. you’ll see your plastic surgery.

  189. evelyn says:

    Lee min ho is still my love surgery or no surgery ..I love him more

  190. Hilda says:

    A picture can be photoshopped.dat is not lee min ho photo.why are people ignorant.go and check his childhood and high school photos he looked very handsome then even before now.

  191. john debby says:

    him changing some part of his face does not change who he really is……so i accept him for who he is.I LUV U LEE MIN HO

  192. FT says:

    Personal taste rocks,lee min ho rily luked hot in dat series.kip it up.pls dnt do anoda sugery.u luk gud d way u are.. xoxo

  193. Chukwumah favour bexy says:

    U luk awesome even in d past………n u luk doting in d present….still luv ya style….keep the flag of korea flyin higher

  194. Anonymous says:

    lee min ho ply stop doin so god made u perfect an stop critisizing him ill always love u ur more handsome naturally

  195. sam says:

    Who cares! Its nobody’s business and nobody has the right to judge. LMH do what u hv to do and go on making more good dramas and movies even. Period!

  196. Bolu Okelola says:

    Lol…..Jun Pyo,oh sori Lee Min Ho!u rock,sunbae

  197. sarah jane lajera says:

    I was turned off knowing the news…
    pero infernez ha.. ang galing ng pagkakagawa…
    ang gwapo tlaga…
    crush padin kahit retokado na…

  198. B98 says:

    I still love Lee Min Ho

  199. hota says:

    he is handsome before and after

  200. Aisha says:

    love ur surgery

  201. Fati says:

    Lee min ho, i always wish you the best i hope that this will not be a problem in the future, always be the best, and a good person and a carery one love you.

  202. Thae Pwint says:

    nevermine Min Ho , ever Try!

  203. benedicta says:

    as the saying goes everything that has advantage also has a disadvantage.
    you seem cool,but i think you would have been better without the surgery and even for health and future problems. anyway may God help you

  204. kiyana says:

    i like lee minho and i am one of his fans.
    i think minho,s face doesent change just like many korean people that have plastic surgery.whatever he is sooooo beautiful and his acting is great specialy in boys over flowers and city hunter.

  205. Susan oge says:

    I think he has a reason for doing that.niaja babes dey surprise me

  206. sylvia says:

    Oppa u r the best keep doing ur luving good work.

  207. Vikkie Bee says:

    I LovE Lee Min Ho..He is talented!

  208. zyny says:

    Huh?plastic surgery?is dis 4 real…whateva,stil lv him though.meawhile naija babes,una 2 de everywhere

  209. narsis says:

    best acting.thats all matters.well he,s handsome now

  210. sindhu says:

    wt evr it may be, Lee min ho is superbbbbbbb actor…. beauty is dsnt matter, evn i lykd him before his surgery…. m a vry big fan of youuuuuuuuu…. all the best Gu jun pyoooooooo:):):)

  211. Chizoba says:

    His still kulll nw his a gud actor datz what matters

  212. Chizoba says:

    Datz a fat lie cos if u do a plastic surgery itz lk remvng ur 1st flesh out mj did his own 4rm black 2 white dis guy z white xo wic colour will be under his flesh…his cute letz leave it @ dat

  213. oladipupo odunayo says:

    so cute. but dis should be ur last time of doing it.

  214. Mercy says:

    U stil luk handsome…can’t wait 4 ur new movies “heirs” love u oppa!

  215. Anonymous says:

    hs nt taking any surgery..
    hs face is just being matured..makes him more hndsme.

  216. prelee says:

    Ohh Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ….
    Oppa look elegant n graceful alwz….
    N if its true… dn wts d need oppa….
    I wd hv lvd u evn dn…
    Wts d need of takng so much of pain….
    Nva repeat dis… eva… I cnt see u in pain…
    Sarang hae lee min ho oppa….

  217. Elizabeth says:

    he is the best and he will always ne the best

  218. Elizabeth says:

    I’m less concern abaut Lee Min Ho’s handsomeness, what i cherish most in him is his actions and the zeal he do put in all his movies, even if he dint do the plastic surgery, even if he looks like a monkey, i will still like him. He is my best Korea actor, though an from Nigeria, but i have the faith that i will see him someday, Even if am unable to see him, that dosen’t stop me from being his fan… I am ADEWUMI OLUWASEUN ELIZABETH by name… ………Lee min ho oppa…aja aja aja fighting.

  219. Adewale temmy's says:

    Gud morning my name is temmy am 4rm nigeria oppa lee min ho is a very hansome guy we love u all keep it up gu jun pyo i luv u more&more.any time any day dat god gv me chance 2 meet u i will be happiest person in d word. sarahen chowa in korea language i luv u

  220. Anonymous says:

    he knows the reason he did that. But nevertheless, he is a great actor…. I love the way min ho acts… Saranghea oppa….

  221. nenyfliz says:

    what is all this about korean stars and plastic surgery… Does it mean that theres no real beauties or handsome men in korea?…. Still love you the way you are min ho…. Always try being the best…. Saranghea

  222. Rahmat says:

    Now I know why he looked different or permit me to say,more handson in City Hunter than in boys before flowers. Ma fav actor presently. Love from Africa,Nigeria.

  223. Kadesha says:

    this write-up does make me laugh!!..don’t really care about the P.S..He’s ma favourite Korean Actor..always support him.

  224. Nemy says:

    This is good for me…look good..I like..nothing happen …:)

  225. Anonymous says:

    He is still the best

    • Angela sedi says:

      Oppa i dnt care wat they say even before ad after u ar stil the xame lee min ho i have always known.oppa even i cnt see u BUT THAT DOES NOT ME FROM BEEN UR FANS .ANGELA FIGHITING OPPA

  226. tommy says:

    he is cool my best korean actor

  227. tommy says:

    i adore him still no matter what

  228. vita minos says:

    Lee Minho oppa saranghe ?????
    I’ll still be one of the big fans of yours no matter what 🙂 🙂 🙂
    You’re so cool :):) I’m enjoying all of your drama so much,,,,, Great job oppa 🙂
    Good Luck for all your life desire….GOD bless you ^__^

  229. Anonymous says:

    What year did he got the plastic surgery??

  230. Anonymous says:

    Wow love the new lee min ho <3 so hot

  231. Anonymous says:

    judge not lest yea be judged.he had his reason n he came out looking even more handsome.he is better than those who come out looking like a beast or god-knows-what creature they are.Lee my dear all i need is more great acting on the screen you rock!!!!

    • Lee min ho is still the best with or without surgey keep up d gud work says:

      Lee mio ho is hansome with or without surgey keep up d gud work

  232. odunpompy says:

    no matter what they say about you.i am ur biggest fan.LOV U LEE MIN HO.BREAK A LEG

  233. joa says:

    lee min hoo is still my best korean actor after all he has his resons.he is better than kim hyung akahi hoo,beak sung jo

  234. lammy says:

    I think everyone says it all, I have nothing else to say. Lee min ho go on with your work, it’s nobody’s business if u did surgery because it’s your money and you worked for it. Count this as one of the challenges celebrities face, you can’t escape it, they will write things about you. Ride on dear.

  235. Juliet says:

    OPPA,i still luv u no matter what u did 2 ur apperance.

  236. oreoluwa says:

    i do not care about what they say about him, i still luv him no matter what. just as d saying goes if nobody talks about u then u are a nobody.

  237. farhana says:

    hi its farhana.you look like handsome.but,you look more handsome before plastic surgery.thats my fav

  238. Shuky says:

    No matter what u say he is still d best and i love his acting.saranghae oppa,hwaiting!

  239. Anonymous says:

    He is very good actor….i like his awesome acting…

  240. kizuna says:

    you are very handsome .i like you very much.i hope you can art very well more than more

  241. Abygal says:

    Lee Min Ho is still who he is,even after de surgery,I luv this guy so much and nothing can change that luv.

  242. Anonymous says:

    No wonder he and Jerry Yan look alike…I found it suspicious how he got the same role as Jerry for Boys over Flower, and besides that, their similar appearance. Guessed I was right about him going under the knife.

  243. maricris sapinit says:

    Before and after surgery, Lee Min Ho is still Lee Min Ho..He is still my idol..What is important is his inside beauty..Besides, enhancement of one’s physical appearance is very important especially if you are a famous celebrity or an actor like Lee Min Ho..I love his looks and he is really a good actor; an inspiration to his million fans…

  244. Heide magno says:

    I cant believe it but i need to accept who is he !!!

  245. Zoe says:

    Even if he got plastic surgery I (and the rest of his fans) will still adore him. He is a fantastic actor and is seemingly nothing but humble in his interviews. The fact that he got surgery doesn’t (and shouldn’t) make a difference. It’s his work that we appreciate and looks are quite important in his line of work. LEE MIN HO HWAITING! ^.^

  246. Ire says:

    I still love lee min ho xo much

  247. princessky says:

    he is still ok in the before pics and also i will always luv lee min ho like that.still waiting for the heir( with park shin hye)

  248. edith caunceran says:

    i dont care,,,go…go..go…LEE MIN HO…

  249. helen huynh says:

    Even Lee Min Ho has surged but he looks very handsome. Lee Min Ho was a hero in City Hunter that movie I liked

  250. abc says:

    u r just a awesome n very very cute who can just impress or attract others by ur smile n expression. Best of luck n may sucess kiss ur feet.

  251. Abiodun afusat says:

    I luv him more nd more no matter wat u say he is my best actor

    • rozel says:

      its so amaze what ever you look your so handsome but its hurt for me because you dont like yourself..



    • Anonymous says:

      i love lee min ho the way he is

      • Horlahmedey says:

        Hi….ur movies av rili inspired me a lot,wen a frnd of mine gave me Boys over flowers 2 watch.I wz lyk dt dis film is nt gonna b interestin due 2 d language buh she persuaded me 2 giv it a trial whc I did nd I must say…ur d bomb!!!Boys over flowers rili made me reflect on my high sch days nd mst oof d finz dt apend…dt film alone made me realize wt a gud actor u are.so I decided 2 go on net nd ask frndz abw a couple of ur movies dey knw nd m so lucky dt atlist av watched a majority nd m still hopin 4 more….u rili av fans in Nigeria nd I wish dt 1day I wud go overseas jst 2 c dis guyz dt made me knw aw emotional I cud b…..I luv u so much……kip d ball rollin nd neva relent…..I wil mk sure dt my guardian angel watches over u til d end…bye

        • paschaline angel says:

          Honestly I love watching your movies lee min oh cause it give me joy but am so disappointed when I found out about your surgery, it good on you but think about the future look and effect cause it not natural, there is nothing like natural look it great and lovely.

  252. sarah odueme says:

    LEE MIN HO is still my darling i can say am his top secret admirer,u claim he undergo surgery before he released boys before flowers what of his other films that he did previously was he not looking gallant ? please don’t be envious of my guy u can also do it if u want to meet up with him i love him am very proud of him

  253. Anonymous says:

    how ugly!!

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