LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Some celebrities have prepared themselves to face aging once they hit 30. LeAnn Rimes may be one of them. After countless rumors about her breast augmentation, it’s now reported that she has had botox injections in her face. Is this true?

LeAnn Rimes Platic Surgery Breast Implant

LeAnn Rimes Breast Implant Before and After Photo

Previously, it was reported that LeAnn Rimes had a breast augmentation to enhance the size of her breasts. She used to have A cup breasts, but now they are much bigger and rounder. It looks like she’s excited with the results. She revealed that she wanted to have implants, and she went through with it. .

LeAnn Rimes Botox

LeAnn Rimes Botox

Talking about her recent activity, it seems that she has learned more about plastic surgery by having botox injections. Her face looks shiny, and there are no wrinkles in her forehead. Unfortunately, the botox injection made her face a bit unnatural and frozen.

She might be a newbie in plastic surgery, but that’s beside the point. She should learn more about the amount she should have injected to avoid another bad work. She’s lucky that she didn’t have a horrible result like many other celebrities have had.

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