Lea Michele’s New Relationship

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“Glee” fans, you are going to want to hear this. It looks like Lea Michele has a new guy in her life. The actress turned singer finally stepped out with her boyfriend Matthew Paetz last week. Reportedly, Michele met Paetz while filming the music video for her new single, On My Way, back in April. Paetz is currently an aspiring model and actor.

Lea Michele's New Relationship

Lea Michele Steps Out With New Boyfriend

This relationship will be the first one for Michele since her boyfriend, and co-star on “Glee”, Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose last July. While neither Michele or Paetz have confirmed or denied these rumors, a source at PEOPLE magazine could not wait to dish on the couple. “It’s a new relationship. For a long time, Lea wasn’t close to even thinking about getting into a relationship. Cory’s death was and will continue to be a struggle for her. She’s doing much better now. She’s happy and she’s enjoying her life.”

What do you think of this new couple? Maybe I am just jaded when it comes to these sort of things, but I can’t help but feel this is some type of publicity stunt for both Michele and Paetz. After all, Michele did just release her book “Brunette Ambition” not too long ago and she is still trying to get her music career to take off. And since Paetz wants to get into the entertainment industry himself, it just seems like the same PR stunt we have seen happen a million times in Hollywood.

Lea Michele Steps Out With New Boyfriend

Is Lea Michele Moving On From Cory Monteith?

Then again, this could also just be the “Glee” fan in me talking. I know Michele has to eventually move on her from her relationship with Monteith, and she deserves to be happy, but it is always going to be so weird seeing her with anyone else. In my eyes, they were and will always be the perfect couple. They had a way of complimenting each other in every aspect unlike any other celebrity duo I have ever seen.  Do you agree with me? Am I completely off here? Tell me what you’re thinking.

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