Lea Michele: Should She Finally Go Under the Knife?

Lea Michele is best known to the world as Rachel Berry on the hit Fox show, “Glee”. Besides this, she’s also had plenty of success on Broadway in plays like “Spring Awakening”, as well as in film for movies such as “New Year’s Eve”. While it’s clear that the public can’t get enough of her talent, the media also has plenty of harsh words to say about her appearance. From a young age, audiences have constantly put her down because of the size of her nose. Time and time again, media personnel have discussed why this 27-year-old actress needs to go under the knife for rhinoplasty surgery. However, Michele has stuck to her guns and remains adamant that plastic surgery is not the way to go. She has stated numerous times that she will never have her nose altered in any way, shape, or form.

Lea Michele Nose Job

Lea Michele Rhinoplasty: Yes or No?

Even though this a great attitude to have, there are a lot of pros and cons that the actress would have to consider if she ever did want to have this procedure done. For starters, as far as the pros go, if Michele had a nose job this could open up the kind of roles she’s offered. In the past, she’s been typecasted strictly because of her large nose. In fact, on “Glee”, Michele’s character’s nose is often discussed. There was even an episode that centered around her character wanting rhinoplasty to look like everyone else. Another pro is that having the procedure done could lead to more endorsement deals, since it will finally help turn her into that classic Hollywood beauty that most strive to be. This would lead to more publicity, and getting her name out to the masses.

Lea Michele Nose Job

Lea Michele Rhinoplasty: Yes or No?

Of course you can’t make a decision this big without looking at the cons. If Michele were to go under the knife for rhinoplasty, it would completely change the world’s opinion on her. So many young kids look up to her because she’s not afraid to be herself. Michele is proud of who she is and refuses to change because other people think she should. Other than that, getting a nose job could alter the sound of her voice, which is what made her famous to begin with. Rhinoplasty can affect both the character and quality of her voice, which for someone in her position,is too big of a risk to take.

Plastic surgery is a huge deal for anyone to undergo, especially for those in the limelight. If Michele were ever to rethink her stance on going under the knife, these are some points she would have to ponder long and hard about.

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