Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Lauren Koslow looks so youthful – 20 years younger than her age. Many imagined what procedures she’s done. But after looking at older and current photos, they realized she have gotten fuller lips, rid of her wrinkles, and tight, youthful skin.

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery

Lauren Koslow Then and Now Photo

Lauren Koslow’s face has possibly been altered through botox injection, fillers and a facelift. On her face, we can’t find any wrinkles. It’s likely she had a botox injection to remove her wrinkles and make her forehead and face both smooth and flawless. Her fuller lips also look like they’re the results of a procedure, potentially caused by fillers like juvederm or restylane. She also got sexy lips, such as Angelina Jolie’s. She also likely had a facelift to make her face look more youthful.

Dr. Salzhauer opined that her wrinkles-free face and the lips were done  with botox and dermal fillers. Many people were impressed with the result and her not overdoing it.

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