Latest Trend in Underwear: The C String

If you thought a thong was quite the risky undergarment, get ready for the C string. The C string is the latest (and greatest?) invention to get rid of those unsightly panty lines. Basically, it is a piece of cloth that goes over the female reproductive organ. It is then held in place by a small piece of wire that is found at the back. Many people have been comparing the C string to a panty liner because it looks very similar, but it is, in fact, pretty different.

C String

Latest Trend in Underwear: The C String

Okay, so with one glance of the C string, I can’t help but be left baffled over how this item stays in place. Seriously, how does it not fall down? Sure, there is the wire but how is that enough? While I do not have the answers to my questions quite yet, I am seeing that the C string will hold fort and stay connected to you for the long haul. I do not know about you all, but I can’t imagine rocking one of these under my clothes, although I must say I get the appeal. The C string can be worn as lingerie or even a bikini bottom (Huh? Really?). However, since this garment is made out of the same material used in swimming trunks, there could be a sense of discomfort if worn for too long. Is that just one of the many sacrifices you will have to make for beauty? Who knows?

Kendall Jenner C String

Was Kendall Jenner Sporting the C String?

I know what you are probably thinking, how is Hollywood taking to this new fashion item?  While there is no celebrity out today who is gushing over how much they love the C string (I’d be kind of hesitant if there was one), there have been reports that Kendall Jenner has worn this item before on the red carpet. You may remember at this year’s MMVA Awards, Ms. Jenner was seen with a dress that had splits up both side leaving little to the imagination. In that case, it seems very obvious that she must have been sporting this new underwear trend. What do you think? Would you ever try out the C string?

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