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Let’s face it folks, twerking isn’t going anywhere for a while. It is now being meshed into a full-on workout routine that is spearheaded by a singer/dancer Lexy Panterra called LexTwerkOut. She’s created the latest workout that is starting to get the attention of celebrities, such as Mel B and Christina Milian. So, what is LexTwerkOut really all about? Glad you asked!

Christina Milian

Christina Milian LexTwerkOut Fan

There is a traditional warm-up involved to get the body ready for a strenuous cardio workout, and for those new to the classes, you’re given instructions on the basics of the twerking moves that are to be used for the rest of the class. After that, you dive right into shaking it all like you’re in a Lil Wayne music video.

The workout is geared around giving you a hardcore, sweat-filled cardio experience, and it definitely does that. Incorporating the twerking moves that Lexy puts in her trademark workout also brings an intense focus on your mid-section and your glutes. This sort of class isn’t exactly for the introverted, since you will be showing off moves that may make some people blush. But, if you’re wanting to be in on the latest dance trend that becomes a workout, a LexTwerkOut class may just be for you.

Mel B posted her own video on Instagram of her doing the workout and loving it! She also looks like she has the skills to get her twerk on. Whatever workout she does, it’s definitely working for her. She looks amazing!

Mel B

Mel B Workout Results

Christina Milian is another huge fan of LexTwerkOut. She and her best friend, Karrueche Tran, are regulars at Lexy’s class. Tiny Harris brought them all together when Lexy was hired to teach Tiny how to twerk.

Lexy takes her LexTwerkOut classes on the road to various gyms. If you’re in one of the major cities and can find a spot in the class, it’s worth trying out. If this kind of workout is good enough for celebrities, it’s good enough for the rest of us! However, we all might have to start taking predictions on when the first LexTwerkOut home training video hits the market so we can all twerk in the privacy of our own homes.


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