Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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We aren’t surprised about stories with Koreans using plastic surgery to refine their look, male or female.  We remember Lee Min ho who has changed some parts of his face. And now, The Super Junior member Kyuhyun is also included in the list of plastic surgery users. His different look caught some attention recently. Comparing his previous photo and his latest photo, Kyuhyun seems like two different people. He is nearly unrecognizable before.

Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery

Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

What kinds of things would make him look so different? First, his eyes. He likely had an eyelid surgery, which he has admitted. He even stated  that a friend didn’t recognize him after surgery. He had double eyelid surgeries to refresh and make his eyes look more open. And he made a really good decision to freshen up his look. His many fans love him even knowing that he went under the knife.

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