Kylie Jenner at the Center of Surgery Rumors

Kylie Jenner, the third oldest of the Kardashian clan is a frequent visitor of the plastic surgery gossip websites. Speculations have abounded surrounding her appearance and though she’s largely denied getting plastic surgery, she has admitted to getting temporary lip fillers. I’m not sure this actually qualifies as plastic surgery any more than henna tattoos qualify as getting inked, so her denials, may have some validity.


Still, the blossoming 17-year-old continues to be harassed about her changing body. Reports have accused her of everything from breast implants to butt injections. Let’s first state that she’s 17! At that age most girls/ almost women are still growing into their body. It’s practically impossible to even guess whether she’s had surgery because her body isn’t finished changing yet.

Kylie Jenner Surgery Rumors

The most current rumors say that Jenner has signed paperwork at a plastic surgeons office to move her breast implant procedures forward. Jenner has avidly denied having work done, saying: “Right now, people are saying, I’ve had my breasts done… I’m not against plastic surgery, but I don’t want anything else right now.”

The denial itself lends question to what “anything else” refers too. If she, like most if the gossip rags, consider temporary fillers as surgery, the mystery is solved. If not… well there’s still the derriere to consider. New reports say that Jenner has been bragging about her backside a lot lately. One insider said that Jenner has even claimed to have a better body than Kim. Her blossoming figure has been the subject of much gossip including rumors of butt implants.

Several websites are claiming that she routinely gets butt injections to further enhance her bum. Additionally, more rumors have accused Kylie of purposely fluffing her thighs with injections for a more balanced look.

Jenner flat out denies any rumors of plastic surgery, though she said she doesn’t feel there’s anything wrong with getting work done. At 17, Jenner’s body is still developing and while her changing physique likely has more to do with aging and hormones, it’s not a stretch to wonder when she’ll wander into deeper plastic-surgery waters.

With her father undergoing massive surgical procedures to transform into Caitlyn and Kourtney admitting to breast implants, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to assume that Kylie will likely join the club at some point.

Teenage girls aching to blame plastic surgery for Jenner’s natural looks may have to just place the blame on good genes.


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