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Kyle Richards finally answered all the rumors about her enhancements. She said that she has had some plastic surgery procedures including a liposuction, rhinoplasty and botox injection.

Kyle Richards Rhinoplasty

Kyle Richards Rhinoplasty

As we know, a liposuction removes fat. Kyle said that she did it to remove the fat from her tummy. She said that after giving birth to her children, she wanted to wear jeans like younger women without having to worry about fat on her stomach, so she got a liposuction to remove it. She’s also said that she is very happy and proud of the result.  She also said that she had a rhinoplasty several years ago because she always had a problem with her nose. The 44 year old said that she was happy with the result, and you can see that the bridge of her nose was reshaped to match her face nicely.

Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery

Kyle Richards Liposuction

Besides those two procedures, she had a botox injection in her face to remove any wrinkles or lines. This made her look great. She now has what women love to have, an ageless face and a beautiful body. Kyle Richard did some great things for her appearance and she looks beautiful.

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