Kim Kardashian vs. Rob Kardashian

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Uh oh! Just when you thought the family drama between the Kardashians was coming to a close, it looks like two more of the siblings are going at it. This time it’s Kim and Rob. As anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows, Kim married longtime boyfriend, and father of her child, Kanye West last month. Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions where families come together to celebrate this joyous moment but that clearly wasn’t the case here because Rob was a no-show.

Kim Kardashian vs. Rob Kardashian

Kim Kardashian vs. Rob Kardashian

Why would Rob blow off his sister’s big day? Well, while no one knows for sure, there is definitely some speculation going on. Various media sources are reporting that the two siblings haven’t been on good terms for months because of Rob’s new image. If you remember what he used to look like, it’s pretty obvious that he’s gained quite a bit of weight in recent times. Allegedly, Kim feels Rob’s physical appearance is bringing down the family name.

Even though that may be at the root of this feuding, Rob did in fact show up to Paris for the activities Kim had planned leading up to the wedding itself. It was during that time, though, that a heated argument ensued, causing Rob to head back home to the States the next day. Ever since then, Kim has been begging Rob for an apology, hoping that a confrontation will break out, instead of just continuing to ignore each other.While Rob hasn’t directly come out and addressed the fight with his sister, he has made it known on Twitter that he isn’t too thrilled with her. The youngest male of the family recently decided to unfollow Kim, as well as practically everyone else he was subscribed to, on the social media site. His mom, Kris, and half-sister Kylie were the only ones to make the cut.

Kim Kardashian vs. Rob Kardashian

Kim Kardashian vs. Rob Kardashian

It should be interesting to see if this fights makes its way into the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Call me jaded, but I can’t help but feel this feud may be a publicity stunt for the famous family. After all, it wouldn’t be too out of character for them.

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