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Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery

Kim Basinger

Do you know Kim Basinger? She is a famous American actress born in Athens, Georgia. She is known well as a James Bond Girl in Never Say Never Again. However, this is not about her acting, but instead about another interesting side of her.  “How could the 59 year old Kim Basinger stay so young and beautiful at her age? What kinds of plastic surgery has she had done?” Those are the kinds of questions that have appeared in many forums.

Even though she looks so natural, it is not as we thought. She got all of her youthful-looking features from plastic surgery and other rprocedures. Is this a rumor or fact? If you think it is a rumor,there are many things that show she had a plastic surgery or two along her career.

Botox and Fillers treatment. In a 59 year old woman, there should be a mark on the forehead, even though one has tried several kinds of herbal treatment. This doesn’t appear in Kim’s forehead. It could be that Botox has been inserted in her face, so the wrinkles are no longer seen. It is also rumored that she has used some other fillers in the side of her cheek, as currently her face looks a bit plump.

Kim Basinger Boob Job

Kim Basinger Boob Job

A facelift may have also used by her to refresh her face to look more youthful. If it is true, she had it done well – her face doesn’t look too tight, but instead looks perfect and natural.

Another plastic surgery she had is a boob job. But, recently she had them removed and she is now back to her natural state. For a nearly 60 year old woman, she is definitely a great example for successful surgery . She has done everything well, and nothing appears overdone.

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4 Responses

  1. Evagoblog says:

    I guess I need to leave it again. Although I wouldn’t be so crude as to call you an idiot, but you need a FACT CHECKER, the top pic on the right is NOT Kim but her DAUGHTER, Ireland, see the link

  2. Evagoblog says:

    I already left an anonymous comment, does it need to be vetted before it’s printed?

  3. Anonymous says:

    As I said before, I think this site (due to the English) is written by a foreigner maybe Asian, so may not familiar with celeb pics. I won’t exactly call you an idiot, but the top pic on the right is her DAUGHTER and hot her, you need a fact checker!! This is a link to show that I’m right..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Idiots. Your before pic is really an old picture taken years after the pic on the right.

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