Kevin Hart Gets Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

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Great news for funnyman Kevin Hart. The famous comedian just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Eniko Parrish yesterday.  Aww! So how did the news break to the public? Well, through Twitter of course. Hart tweeted, “She said YEEEEESSSSS…… #Happy #MyRib #iF–kingLoveHer,” followed with a super cute photograph of the happy couple showing off the huge diamond ring!

Kevin Hart Gets Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Kevin Hart Gets Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Unlike a lot of other Hollywood couples, this one has been together for five years, so they’ve definitely been with each other through it all. For those that don’t know Parrish, she’s actually an aspiring model and actress who originally moved to Los Angeles from her home in Baltimore to further pursue a career in the entertainment industry. That’s when she met Hart.

This engagement isn’t the only big event currently happening in Parrish’s life. She also just recently celebrated her 30th birthday. Hart acknowledged the celebration, tweeting, “Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in the world. Today is your day babe & we are going to party like it’s 1999….I love you so much. I’m a better man because of you. P.S your old as s–t now lmao #Dirty30 #HappyBday #ThrowBackPic,” with once again an adorable photo to follow.

Kevin Hart Gets Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Kevin Hart Gets Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Obviously whenever a couple gets engaged, there are always going to be skeptics out there who believe that a pregnancy is the underlying cause for the nuptials. This is no different here for Hart and Parrish. In fact, Parrish recently had to take to her Twitter account to deny all of the pregnancy rumors that were floating around. However, she also took this time to make it clear, though, that the pair definitely was thinking about babies. She tweeted, “LOL! Working on it does NOT mean right now. “Working on it” means when the timing is right.. We will begin to plan!,”  Parrish then followed up that tweet with another stating, ““Trust y’all would be the first to know! stay itchin!”

The couple has yet to announce when they plan on getting married. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hoping this relationship lasts for the long haul. They’re always so precious together on the red carpet. Once again, congrats to the happy couple.

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