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Just like many other actresses, Kerry Washington went under the knife as a means of altering her appearance. Everyone knows that beauty is important to celebrities. To gain an entirely new look and maintain her beautiful appearance, most celebrities end up following a shortcut in an attempt to maintain their youthful appearance. Kerry Washington is no exception to the rule. She hasn’t confirmed or denied that she underwent plastic surgery, but her different looks are telling a far different story.

Check out the significant changes on her face and see what you think in regards to Kerry Washington plastic surgery.

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery

Kerry Washington Before & After Plastic Surgery

Once people started noticing the difference in her looks when she played in a variety of different roles, they began realizing that she had made the decision to undergo a number of different cosmetic procedures on her face. She also made the decision to reduce the aging lines on her face. You can easily tell the difference when you look at her face. It is tight and flat, which isn’t often seen on women who are 36 years of age. She decided to get Botox injections in her face to change her appearance.

She also underwent rhinoplasty, lip enhancements and cheek implants. If you look at older pictures of her, you can tell she had a nose job done to make the nasal bridge narrower. Her cheeks are a lot more inflated, while her lips appear juicy because of the filler injections she has had done. All of this revealed that she had a number of different surgical procedures to improve her appearance. Just look at her before and after pictures to see how much of a difference the surgeries have made in the way she looks.

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery

Regardless of what procedures she had done, it definitely helps her to look amazing and keep her natural appearance. According to Dr. Paul Nassif, a plastic surgeon, it was believed that she had a balanced amount of Botox, rhinoplasty and facial fillers that make her appear far more youthful and gorgeous than ever before thought possible.

There is no doubt that she has undergone a variety of different procedures, but the surgeon definitely did an amazing job.

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