Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery

Kerry Washington Then and Now

Kerry Washington’s transformation had been discussed by many people. It’s not about her career, but her look. People said some changes could be seen on her face. She had turned from cute Kerry Washington to a more mature woman. The 36 year old actress possibly had her look re-done several years ago.

If we compare her look in the past and her latest look, we can find some changes caused by plastic surgeries. She may have had a rhinoplasty, as well as botox and facial fillers. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif commented that she doesn’t appear overdone with rhinoplasty, botox and facial filler she had. Combining fillers and botox requires balance. If not, someone’s face could be in trouble.

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Photo

Kerry Washington Rhinoplasty Before and After Photo

Her first procedure is a rhinoplasty. Kerry Washington’s nose used to be wider with a bigger tip. If we look at her current nose, we can see that the nose looks narrower than before, and the tip of the nose seems reshaped to be smaller. The rhinoplatsy she had was nicely done. We should appreciate the doctor who handled it. And the combination between fillers and botox has made Kerry reappear to be someone more gorgeous and youthful.

She had some botox in her forehead and completely made her face smooth and clear. Some fillers were also nicely injected in her face. Her cheeks and the lips are two possible areas that got the fillers. You can see from the plump cheeks and a change of the lip shape that she’s had fillers. She might have been inspired to have hot lips like Angelina Jolie. Overall she did well with her decision to go under the knife. She has made significant changes to boost her confidence.

Join the conversatin what do you think, does Kerry Washington look better now than before?

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16 Responses

  1. Somebody says:

    @ Writer I think you’re an idiot. Your assertions that Kerry Washington has had rhinoplasty are NOT supported by the second set of before and after pictures (it’s ridiculously to even talk about a childhood “before” picture compared to an adult “after”). The pictures only support the same nose as seen from different angles. In the first pic, Washington’s face is tipped downward, changing the angle of how we see her nose. And it is the same for EVERYBODY. As to lip injections to look like Angelina Jolie (who DOES NOT have injections), that’s absurd. But what I will say is it’s annoying when people talk about Washington’s “pouty” lips–anyone’s lips would look pouty with buck teeth, and THAT’S what Washington has.

  2. Bold and lovely says:

    Kerry has no reason to want white women lips, are you out of your mind, you are so stupid and you call yourself a freaking writer. Shuts my dead dog writs better. MF’er.

  3. Hannah says:

    I loved Kerry Washington in Save The Last Dance. If anything her plastic surgery has improved her appearance.

  4. Robert Gallimore says:

    Before and after pics always favor the after pic eg after pic is not made up like the after pic. I still think ,nonetheless Washington looks better in the before pic.

  5. Shawn says:

    She bleaches her skin too she was darker look at her old pics

  6. karen says:

    AS IF she got “fillers” in her lips to look more like Angelina Jolie. As if black women don’t naturally have full luscious lios.In fact, it was Angie who got the lip injections . Just look up her before and afters. But I guess black features are only acceptable on non black women *side eye* *sigh*

  7. George says:

    I think she was a beautiful woman , before surgery just as beautiful afterwards . she does with makes her happy that’s what matters the most .best wishes

  8. Charlie says:

    I do not care what anybody says..she looks good!

  9. uu says:

    I agree about the nose job. Totally disagree about the cheek/lip stuff. You can google old teenage pictures of her and see that her lips and high cheek bones are the same.
    What you’re seeing is a lot of weight loss. Which has made her cheek bones stand out.

    P.S black people have full lips. I doubt she would even need fillers. lol

    • Terri says:

      Thank you! Why would she need lip injections to fey lips like Angelina Holier when she’s blessed to be born with natural full lips as most black women are? And I don’t think she has had botox either because as we know more melanin means less wrinkles and she has plenty of that as a black woman. The only thing I might believe is the nose job and that’s a big might. Anywho, Kerry was gorgeous then and she is gorgeous now so if she has had work done then its a very good job!

  10. SomeoneWithSense says:

    To the writer: How can anyone take you seriously when your writing and grammar is on the level of a 5th grade student?

  11. angelfaith says:

    Kerry Washington seem very FAKE and PHONEY, I’M not a real bigfan of hers,even though the show SCANDEL, I like it,

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