Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Do the plastic surgery rumors extend to country music legend Kenny Rogers? Well, it’s no wonder that the rumors have reached him, since his appearance still looks great while he’s in his 70s. He was born on August 21st, 1938 and is known as one of the best country singers in the world.

Firstly, he might have had a facelift. Lets take a look closely at his forehead. We can see that the wrinkles are removed completely. Not only are there no wrinkles anymore, but the skin on his forehead is much smoother and tighter for sure. It is hard to believe that he is able to keep his youthful appearance at his age of 74 like this.

Eyelid surgery is the next plastic surgery that he might have had. People are able to see very clearly that he had squinty eyes in the past, whereas he has much more wide open eyes now. This changes are very easily noticed by the public. Other statements in the media also said that he has had a lot of plastic surgery on his youthful appearance. Lastly Rogers himself responded to the rumors and denied that he’s ever had any work done.

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  1. RENO says:

    Rogers has admitted to surgery HIs eyes are “squinty” in the first picture because he is SMILING. Actually, after his admitted facelift, he said that he could barely close his eyes, which leads me to believe that he had corrective surgery on his eyes because they were like slits after the admitted facelift. His appearance is not youthful. He should have let himself age gracefully.