Kelly Rowland Breast Implants Before and After Photos

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Kelly Rowland Breast Implants Photo

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants Before and After Photo

Enhancing the appearance is one of activities that celebrities usually love to do. Whenever they think there’s a part of their body that does not fit with their mind, they will consider having some plastic surgeries to make it fit. Kelly Rowland, a 32 year old American singer has had breast implants. As we see today, the breasts she has are much bigger than the previous ones. She got a more beautiful shape and bigger size.

She commented that she did breast implants due to her willingness, this is her own decision. Having a big bust might be a thing that she needed as a singer who is watched by many viewers when standing on a big stage. We have no doubt about her singing skill, she is really successful when in a group and when she went out on a solo career. Appearance for her, should be the 2nd most important thing as a big entertainer. Just wait and see if she takes on another plastic surgery or not.

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants

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  2. skydreamsfly says:

    She also had her butt done….

  3. molly says:

    she was so flat. beyonce’s mum never lied that was a good idea.

  1. May 30, 2013

    […] Kelly Rowland had revealed that the nose we see is the result of rhinoplasty, a nose job procedure. What exactly […]

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