Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Kelly LeBrock’s appearance was recently noticed by some who feel that Kelly mat have had plastic surgery to make her appearance more youthful. Dr. Anthony Youn commented that Kelly LeBrock may have done work to her face, and that it could be seen in her forehead and lips.

Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery

Kelly LeBrock Lip Surgery Before and After Photo

As you can see, her face looks very smooth now, and we couldn’t find any areas of her face that had wrinkles. This may be due to the use of botox injections and fillers. Her lips also look plumper and fuller. She may have been inspired by Angelina Jolie’s sensual lips. Unfortunately, the injections may be a bit too much. Overall, the work was well done in combination with her beautiful genes. However, the lip injection was a bi too much, and she could have rejuvenated her look just fine without it.

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2 Responses

  1. nyla says:

    She was beautiful how she was but since she had plastic surgery nobody has the right to talk about her I was about to say she ugly but u need to think about people feeling and say will I like is I if someone said that about me

  2. mike says:

    She looks good except for the lips.