Katherine Heigl Media Rumors Addressed

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Sometimes actors get a bad rap in the media as being difficult to work with. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Katherine Heigl over the past couple of years. Even though she’s won over a lot of fans for her acting chops in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Knocked Up”, the actress has continually been the center of nasty rumors. So, Katherine Heigl media rumors were addressed, because after all, it was only a few weeks ago that “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes called out the 35-year-old when discussing her current “no a–holes” policy. In fact, Rhimes even said,”There are no Heigls in this situation…I don’t put up with bulls–t or nasty people. I don’t have time for it.”

Katherine Heigl Addresses Media Rumors

Katherine Heigl Addresses Media Rumors

There’s always two sides to a story, right? So, what does Heigl have to say about it all. When asked in a recent Facebook Q&A for her new drama series, “Series of Affairs” about the “rumors that your very rude”, Heigl answered surprisingly. She said, “Yeah I’ve heard those too….honestly I don’t think I am…nothing makes me more uncomfortable than confrontation or hurting someones feelings and I would never, ever, actively do so on purpose. Of course just like any human being I’ve made mistakes and unwittingly or carelessly spoken or acted but I always try to make any wrong right.”

Katherine Heigl Addresses Media Rumors

Katherine Heigl Addresses Media Rumors

However, Heigl then went on to say, “That doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for myself by drawing boundaries and asking to be treated kindly and respectfully but I don’t do that with any rude or unkind intentions just with the same strength and honestly I think every one of us is entitled to.” Often times when celebrities are accused of anything in the media, they deny it at all costs. I can’t help but respect Heigl for owning up to her past behavior. While she didn’t come out and accept full responsibility for what is rumored to have went down, she admitted that she is not proud of all her actions and that she knows there’s room for improvement.

Will you tune into Heigl’s new television series?

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