Justin Jedlica – The Human Ken Doll

Justin Jedlica

I’m sure you’ve heard of him; The Human Ken Doll. His real name is Justin Jedlica, and he has undergone – wait for it – over 100 cosmetic surgical procedures! He’s only 34 years old, but he began his love affair with plastic surgery at the tender age of 18. A rhinoplasty procedure was his gateway drug into the world of cosmetic surgery. The most recent statement he’s made of the exact number of times he’s undergone a procedure is 149 times, and he’s spent a hefty price of $170,000 on them.

He became highly enamored with the glamour of the people he saw on television shows like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. He decided to pursue a nose job after doing some research on it. He says that he had wanted to get his nose “fixed” since he was very young.

In spite of being given the title of “The Human Ken Doll”, he says that Barbie’s companion was never his inspiration for all his transformation. He was actually going after a Japanese anime manga look as an end result. I suppose it isn’t too much of a shock to hear that two of his sources of celebrity inspirations are Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson, is it?

Some of the numerous aspects of his body that he has enhanced include implants in his arms (biceps, triceps and shoulders), chest, thigh and calf implants, lip injections and a Brazilian butt lift. Wouldn’t a gym membership and a drill sergeant for a personal trainer cost less than the money he’s spent on this over a ten year period?

He’s met The Human Barbie, also known as Valeria Lukyanova, but they never connected. It may be the language barrier (she doesn’t speak English that well), but he thinks it has more to do with how she markets herself. In a recent video interview with US Magazine, he describes how she wouldn’t allow pictures to be taken of her without it going onto her own memory card, supposing that she would then retain ownership of the picture and doctor it up more than she already is.

It seems that there is no future for the Human Ken and Human Barbie to ride off into the sunset. Granted, the fact that Valeria is married and Justin is in a relationship with his long-time boyfriend may be the reason behind it, but this isn’t how it worked out when I used to play with the dolls when I was a kid! My dreams are crushed! (Not really.)


Image: couchdown.com


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