Justin Bieber Fights With Orlando Bloom

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It’s the feud heard around the world: Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom. If you’re sitting at your computer scratching your head over this weird pairing of enemies, you are not the only one. So, what exactly went down? Well, apparently Bloom threw a punch at Bieber. To be honest, this is probably something that many people all over the world wish they could have done themselves. In fact, there are rumors running around that people at the Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, where the incident went down, were clapping after Bloom attempted to punch the Canadian pop star.

Justin Bieber Fights With Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber Fights With Orlando Bloom

Okay, but what started this feud? It seems that it all stems from Bieber’s history with Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. The New York Post reported that both stars were seated at two completely different tables in the restaurant, but when Bieber went to shake Bloom’s hand, he refused. Of course, Bieber didn’t take to this well so in his typical fashion, he said something rude, which was believed to allude to Kerr. Unfortunately for Bloom, though, when he went to knock out Bieber, the singer ducked and his bodyguard took the hit instead.

In the video that leaked of the incident, Bieber was heard saying “What’s up [expletive]?” to Bloom, which then led to some shoving. Bieber’s rep declined to comment on the matter, but Bieber made sure to get his two cents in. After the fight, Bieber went immediately to his Instagram account and posted a bikini-clad photo of Kerr.

Justin Bieber Fights With Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber Fights With Orlando Bloom

What do you make of this whole feud? Are you Team Bieber or Team Bloom? Can Bieber ever seem to stay away from trouble? He’s always in the headlines nowadays and never for anything good. When was the last time he made magazines and news outlets for his career? It feels like ages ago. Sigh. If only he could bottle all of this energy and put it towards doing something productive. After all, I think the world could use some more hits like “One Less Lonely Girl”, “One Time”, “Baby” and “As Long As You Love Me”. Come on Bieber, prove to us you’re better than this.

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