Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery

Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery

Julianna Margulies might be annoyed with several rumors that have appeared recently. She was rumored to have gone under the knife. The rumor was not made without reason. This all began when Juliana stepped out at the Golden Globes. She appeared with a new look, especially near her eyes. What things could explain the rumor? Julianna Margulies possibly had two kinds of plastic surgery. They are eyelid surgery and botox treatment.

At a glance, we see no difference from her previous appearance and the new one. But if we take a closer look we will find that she has a different eyelid. Dr. Michael Persky of Encino, CA, stated that Juliana’s right eyelid looked heavy. Unlike her previous eyelid which looked bigger, now she has a narrower eye.

The botox treatment might have helped her looked wrinkle-free, and she did it so well her forehead looks naturally smooth. For a woman going on 46 years, she is beautiful and should be proud of that. Unfortunately, Juliana herself has clearly denied the rumors. She said that everything she has is completely natural. Overall, if the rumors are true, she did it so well without too overdoing it. Do you think she had plastic surgery?

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