Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery

Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery

Judge Reinhold was rumored to have gone under the knife due to his new look. Is the rumor true? The rumor was that Judge Reinhold might possibly have had a facelift, botox, and cheek fillers. First, he might have had a facelift. If we look at his face, it seems unnaturally tight. He might look youthful at a glance, but we guessed it’s too tight for him.

Second, he might have tried botox injections too. His face has no wrinkles at all. The botox injected in his forehead looks helpful. It successfully removed all the wrinkles in his 55 year old forehead. The last possible plastic surgery he might have had is cheek fillers. The fillers have made his cheek plumper than usual. Overall, he did no impressive work. We think that he would be better without any plastic surgery, as the plastic surgery only make him look too plastic and unnatural. What do you think? Is it a bad or good job?

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