Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Joyce Meyer’s plastic surgery has surprised many people. What exactly happen to her? Well, Joyce Meyer probably had a little procedure that made a big change in her looks – lip plumping. If you take a look at her current face you can see the difference.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Lip Augmentation

You can see it on her mouth. The lip plumping or the lip enhancement has created a weird thing on her lips. Her smiling lines turn a bit wider. It reminds us of Batman’s enemy, Joker.

Normally, there’s no problem with it. But when she was shot by camera from the front and she smiled, you can see her new, cunning look.  What do you think of it? Is it weird? Unique? Or a normal?

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108 Responses

  1. Tommy Emberton says:

    I care not about any surgeries. I am more concerned with her words & lifestyle; neither of which reflect Jesus. I dislike all the mega pastors of mega churches spreading false prosperity gospels. They worship Mammon, not God.
    She created a ministry to financially support her family in lavish lifestyles. Yes, you show her in 3rd world countries giving food to people. Wearing her high dollar shoes & clothing. Kind of overshadows the “good works”. .

  2. Kizzy says:

    I don’t think God worries about stupid things like if you have plastic surgery, if you have gastric bypass surgery (someone can accuse you of being undisciplined and weak for not being able to lose weight without surgery), et. God is concerned about the things of the heart. If you love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, you will show it. Worry about yourselves instead of Joyce. She looks like she is doing her best to put God first. Get the beam out of your own eye first.

  3. Jessie says:

    Like most people having had plastic surgery, they look worse than before…unnatural. Her lips look ridiculous. Why do women who are attractive do this, why not let themselves age gracefully instead of all that plastic shit! It is a disgrace!

  4. Marty Haws says:

    I have pictures of Joyce long before this hoax her lips looked the same then. She’s always had a funky grin. It has nothing to do with plastic surgery.

  5. Lenny says:

    She looks like the Joker on batman! a rich Greedy Joker!

  6. Linda says:

    I think it looks weird if she is such a Christian then she should be happy the way God made it is like a slap in God face saying I don’t like the way you made me so I’m making myself better. All I can see is a female joker now it is just too weird.

  7. Susan says:

    She is ungodly. Taking from people who cannot afford it. May God have mercy on her soul.

  8. Eva says:

    She looks beautiful and God sees a persons heart. I loved to her teaching the word of God.

  9. Jack Napier says:

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions. I must admit, with white face should be pass for the 1989 Joker. It’s sad that she preaches to others about how to be a better person but she, herself, is unable to listen to her own words and wastes money on something so shallow.

  10. Robert says:

    I can understand a woman seeking beauty changes and I love watching Joyce Meyers preaching, but I personally thought she was very beautiful before this change and yes this does make her mouth look like that of the Joker and I was she would go back to who God made her to be! God Bless you Joyce Meyer in all you do!

  11. Kimberly says:

    Somehow Joyce Meyer came on tv, and I saw her face, so I googled her. I am nausea. First off everytime I see women having plastic surgery they think they look better but it makes them look ugly. Than people donate money, and this is where she is spending others money. I can Very sick, I will never watch or listen to her again. I have a new granddaughter, I want her to grow up knowing she is beautiful how she was made, Joyce needs to be off the air. She is a fake. Very sad.

  12. deb says:

    Her new “Joker” look is distracting. I suspect it is due to a procedure that reportably gets rid of “resting Bitch face” where they surgically remove a triangle patch from each corner of the mouth. This supposably turns that resting frown to a more pleasant upturned appearance.

  13. lou says:

    I noticed a difference around Mrs Myers mouth. And mainly i want her to be happy.
    I want to look right through her and see beauty requardless.
    and yes this person is alowed to spend money on a procedure.
    lets be loving children of GOD! this can be fun and yes soon JESUS IS COMING BACK for real i know

  14. Claudia says:

    I think it s pitiful she did that to her self. What about ageing in the grace of God? She now looks totally weird. If she really accepted herself she would of left her cute face as it was.

  15. Chris Strobl says:

    I just left a Message about Joyce’s new Lips and unfortunately misunderstood/
    had the wrong slant on it! Been watching her so long I am just glad she is on

    Please do not print my ( Wrong Choice prior to this)……..I GOT IT BACKWARD….. My choice>> which I preferred( #1) before the fancy enhancment
    I’m sorry / Love Joyce/ preferred the original Joyce mouth too. She’s my gal one way or the other

  16. Chris Strobl says:

    Joyce, I have been a faithful viewer for years.
    With your surgery you have completed a beautiful adjustment which enhances your dear smile…
    You are looking so good I had to write!
    Thanking you for all of the enormous good you have done also
    sharing the word of our Lord (with the twinkle) you add making us enjoy every session …
    Bless you for your wonderful works ALL OVER this world! Chris Strobl Indian River, Michigan

  17. Jakebaby says:

    I still love to hear her teaching, but I hate to see her mouth move. This is a prime example of getting what you want and not what you need. The devil has done his job, she should had consulted God first. She was beautiful like she was.

  18. Opal Reimal says:

    She looks great and her sermons and books are great. She stated she wanted to look her best for her audience and for the work she does for God. Why must we be so hard on people?

  19. kim says:

    Is thinking a person might get a salary and choose to spend her hard earned money on what ever she wants to much to ask? How she chooses to spend it is her business.
    All monies for her ministry I’m sure isn’t sent right to her personal account.
    I’m just saying.
    I do buy her books, dvd’s, ect and find the information very useful.
    All ministries aren’t bad.
    She’s done a lot to help people so please don’t judge or assume. Can it be something postive said first instead of grouping people and assuming the worst of someone. Maybe some of what she’s sharing could be used by more then just me here. God bless.

  20. AngieM says:

    I was stunned. Can’t watch her talk anymore, it is far too idiotic-looking. Is she nuts? And is this where donors’ money goes? She and all those other “preachers,” like Joel Olsteen, they’re certainly living the good life, thanks to all the morons who believe their crap and give them big bucks so they can have fancy cars, homes and clothing. Where do they get the nerve to talk about any god… looks pretty greedy to me.
    So, keep buying their books, listening to them and handing over your hard-earned money so they can have surgeries and live far more luxuriously than most of us can.
    Why are people so DUMB and gullible????

  21. JulieAnn S. Hamilton says:

    Ugh! FREAKISH! And THAT is what becomes of the BIG BUCKS that the Duped Donate??? HOW HORRIBLE!!! 🙁

  22. Ursula says:

    How was the surgery paid for? Is this why she wants donors to buy her books?

  23. Duane says:

    Plastic surgery for the glory of God ?

  24. Weasler says:

    Looks just like Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of The Joker in the 1980s “Batman”. Fcuking weird as hell.

  25. Sheila Moore says:

    I have no problem with her doing it, I just wonder if she looks in the mirror and says “yep, the marionette look is just what I was going for.”

  26. pat says:

    I think you are all nuts..her message is still the same and she looks great,,.

    • RENO says:

      She does not look great; she looks creepy.

      • Edie says:

        i thought she had a face lift. i thought she was attractive before, but if she felt she needed an uplift go for it. I enjoy her sermons .everyone is tooooo judgemental about everyone else. take care of your own business and love yourself.

  27. Anne says:

    I’ve read her books but only recently (last few weeks) started watching her on you-tube. From the get-go I wondered what was wrong with her mouth – it just looked so odd to have the edges turned up like that. I couldn’t figure out how she’d preached all these years with such an odd and unattractive mouth – without using makeup to minimize it.Then today I watched what was probably an older video on You tube, and she seemed so normal looking! I was so puzzled that I just started wondering if she had had cosmetic surgery (note that I hadn’t known how she looked prior to this – except from her book covers – so had no expectations that she should look this way or that). I googled ‘Joyce Meyer cosmetic surgery’ just to see if anything came up (I love to research) – and lo and behold – indeed my guess was right! There are many discussions on her new upturned lips! I’d guessed right. Just because she didn’t look natural. I think she’s got gift (of teaching) and it isn’t diminished by her surgery. Her message is given with her primarily in front of the camera – so of course she needs to look pleasing to the millions of eyes watching her. She is pretty wrinkle free so maybe she’s done it successfully before. However, it looks like she picked a new set of lips (cupid’s bow like)! Hopefully next round of surgery she can get a more natural look. God bless you Joyce and thank you for your message. God has spoken to me through your words and for that I am truly grateful. How you look does not, in my opinion, diminish your message.

  28. Moz says:

    She can do whatever she wants to her body and with her money – she’s earned it. That said, I really can’t understand why she went down this road cause she actually looked heaps better before. I wouldn’t have paid the plastic surgeon one red cent for that botch up!

  29. Bobbie says:

    I used to listen to Joyce because she SEEMED so “normal”…so REAL.AFter this plastic surgery I think she has displayed for the WORLD to see that she is not of God..she is of the “money”.A REAL Christian would have been more concerned about making sure THAT kind of money was being used for ths poor or the sick..NOT because she needed a facelift.NOTHING she says now means much..she just exposed herslef for what she REALLY is.

    • Rick says:


      Tell me what you have done for the poor. I know for a fact that Joyce Meyer has done 100,000’s times more for the poor than you and me put together. Yes her face is a mess and I feel sorry that she got such a messed up job and I hope a good doctor may be able to fix it. If not, she will have her young face back when she gets to heaven, hopefully. If you ever really “listened” to what she has preached, you wouldn’t be so judgmental and hateful.

      If someone gave away 90% of what they were blessed with and still had millions of dollars would you still be hating on them because they had something that you don’t have. Envy and coveting are addressed in the 10 commandments, but there are no commandments against being “of the money”. Unfortunately your own words have “exposed you for what you really are”. May God have mercy on us ALL.

  30. Cheryl says:

    I love Joyce! I’m so thankful for the influence she has had on my life! I grew up immersed in legalism. She takes the focus off rules and regulations and points it towards Gods truth! I’ve always been thankful that she takes care of herself! Hats off to Joyce if she chose plastic surgery!

  31. Ruth Hackett says:

    I have been listening to Joyce for about 7 years. What got me watching her was her down to earth way of communicating and looks. She looks a little strange now with her “puckered” lips but I still love her! I listen every morning and I am a partner to her ministry.

  32. Rynn says:

    Isn’t vanity a sin? Her wealth comes from God? Tell that to the poor people who have nothing and yet they continue to support her, I believe that is called greed, also a sin. Just another charleton.

    • Lucinda says:

      In my eyes Joyce is a wise woman she has showed me so many things and taught me so much about God and what he expects of us and I know he doesn’t expect us to judge her if she got plastic surgery or what she looks like we need to be listening to what she is saying because if we were doing that rather than judgement some awesome things could happen in our life Thank You Joyce for being you a woman of God and for the wisdom that you have taught me

  33. Jackie says:

    I can understand her wanting to improve her appearance being as since she has to be on tv in front of millions of people and she is closing in on 70 years old and lets face it, age happens, skin begins to betray us. She went to far with the plastic surgery though. Her mouth is so distracting to me now that I sometimes miss the message for looking at her mouth. I guess if I hadnt seen the Batman movie so many times and saw the Joker’s mouth, it wouldnt be such a reminder to me when I watch Joyce and see the same mouth. I think she should have quit with the surgery while she was ahead. I also think she should sue the Dr that told her that it looked good. He did her a great disservice.

  34. Carol says:

    So who is judging? If you even know who Joyce Meyer is then you must believe in the Holy Spirit and be a Christian. I don’t think this is her first mistake and I don’t think it will be her last. God has anointed her to profess his word just like he did his apostle Paul who was also a sinner and even was willing to kill Christians. Wake up people and just hear the word of God and see his work being done. Is anyone talking about what things they are doing in their ministry? Feeding hungry children and teaching them the word of God all over the world?
    Remember this one? John 8:7
    So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”.
    She committed adultery and Jesus took up for her. We are all sinners. Even our current Pope when asked who he was his first response was “I am a sinner.” I pray that we all take the word of God from those anointed by God and apply it to ourselves and strengthen our relationship with the Holy Spirit as Joyce has done throughout her life. If she is not the person you resonate with, find another…..there are plenty out there teaching His word and doing His work. God Bless you all : )

  35. Shannon says:

    Shameful to play with what God did give her. She is pretentious with her over the top outfits, larger than life jewellery, hell she has enough money she could buy her way into heaven.

    • Dr. Ghuls says:

      Not fair. Have you ever delved into her financials and seen how much of that “money that could buy her way to heaven” she gives away? How many services she provides to the less fortunate? It is not wrong to have money. No where in the bible does it say that it is wrong to have money. He (Jesus) asked Nicodemus to give everything away and to follow Him, but He never said from that moment on he would have to live in abject poverty because he followed the Lord. I am tired of Miss Joyce being prosecuted because she works hard and is obedience. The Lord has just chosen to entrust her with much. Would you give as much as see does if you had as much? Maybe you are jealous? Really who cares what she wears? I may not like your taste in clothes, but it does not make you a bad person. Do NOT judge lest you be judged.(Matthew 7:1).

    • DD says:

      What a hypocrite! How is having plastic surgery any different than putting in make-up or getting your hair cut?! It’s the same thing-improving and changing your looks! Of course you sound like a plain-Jane prude so you probably don’t even wear makeup! I bet you only do “missionary” position with your husband (if you have such an unlucky man) and just lay there like a corpse until he’s done!

  36. sue says:

    She should have healed herself without surgery. Gloria Copeland also has a twisted mouth.

    • Janet says:

      Pray Joyce does not read any of this! We all need to look in before we look out. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m sure God loves Joyce no matter how or what she does to her self. God bless her and her ministry.

      • Dr. Ghuls says:

        You are so right…. I sure would hate to have someone judge my face, and I am sans cosmetic surgery and north of 40.

    • Dr. Ghuls says:

      Why not post your picture for us to judge???

  37. Rosa cruz says:

    To all negative people. God has given Joyce a gift. Who care what she dose or looks like.she is a inspiration in my life . I think she is beautiful before and now. But she is more beautiful in prayers go out to u all negative people.god bless u

  38. keith webb says:

    Joyce has helped so many people over many years. She likewise has overcome so much in her life. If this is a stumblingblock to any of us, we should practice focusing on the good.. it is obvious, but so are many things in our own lives. We just aren’t on a world wide stage for all to see

    Glory in us , thru us in 2014


    • Dr. Ghuls says:

      People who feel she is too distracting to watch, why not just listen? I clean house while listening… The message is the same whether listened to or watched.. It is planting a seed, and watering the soul. Not to mention sometimes convicting.. I don’t need to see her face in order to her the Lord talk through her…
      Thanks Kevin for Standing…

      • Dr. Ghuls says:

        Whoops, thanks KEITH for standing…. my face is soooo red right now.. Hope I don’t get judged for it..
        Hee hee

  39. patty says:

    oh come on…she looks beautiful….and a good person… shame on your comments…in just the short time i have watch Joyce 1 and a half years..just bought he book on “how to pray” these comments do not sound like a Christians… I am so happy and my common is back and i think straight…and my prayers ,and i know i have helped through prayer…Thanks to joyce i have my life back and the right people in my life…
    dear people of comment,
    so- turn around and let me see your back-side— 🙂 yep– i she the devils tail- guess where it is…ha — god bless you–dear god “Help” short and sweet…. god bless you Joyce and Dave and family

  40. Linda Gillet says:

    Joyce is a beautiful woman of God. Many of us have things done to our bodies to enhance our appearance. How many have their hair styled, permed, dyed. How many have piercings such as even one set of ear-lobe piercing? How many have worn retainers, braces or had cosmetic surgery for their teeth gone wrong. For that matter most of us probably don’t know the exact reason Joyce chose to have this procedure. For those of you who say you can no longer concentrate on her message because of her looks you need to examine your heart and attitude. She has gotten over it and you need to get over it. She preaches an awesome message and always has. God is using this woman mightily, and she will have many rewards in Heaven. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself! If you had something done that you thought would help your looks and it went south how would you want others to respond to you. Shun you because you look different, treat you as an outcast?? Show your love, the same love that God has shown you.

  41. Dianne says:

    Leave her alone! HE gave us the gift of choice!!!! She’s human!

  42. Richard says:

    I love the lord, with all my heart, but I have ZERO problem with people getting plastic surgery. All the self righteous people who knock it, do you likewise knock cosmetic dental work, like braces, crowns, and veneers? Do you also rage against hair dye? Perms? Human beings have been altering the bodies God gave us for as long as we’ve had the bodies!

    With that said the problem with Joyce is that her surgeon did a bad job. He earlier work was fine, but this joker mouth thing is very distracting. If it’s to the point where it’s difficult for people to hear your message because your face work has been botched, it’s time to settle down on the refreshers and pay the money for corrective work.

    • keith webb says:


      • Dr. Ghuls says:

        I agree, not all people react to the plumpers the same.. We are all a victim to what our body will and will not tolerate, and it is a risk we take when persons have surgery, ergo the waivers we all sign before we go into surgery… A surgeon cannot predict how a product will react with a bodies physiology.. Yes it s a distraction, like I said earlier, I listen, and don’t watch… The Love and Correction of the Lord comes through loud and clear, no distraction…
        God Bless Y’all

        And Amen Richard…

  43. Richard says:

    I love the lord, with all my heart, but I have ZERO problem with people getting plastic surgery. All the self righteous people who knock it, do you likewise knock cosmetic dental work, like braces, crowns, and veneers? Do you also rage against hair dye? Perms? Human beings have been altering the bodies God gave us for as long as we’ve had the bodies!

    With that said the problem with Joyce is that her surgeon did a bad job. He earlier work was fine, but this joker mouth thing is very distracting. If it’s to the point where it’s difficult for people to hear your message because your face work has been botched, it’s time to settle down on the refreshers and pay the money for corrective work.

  44. VONNIE says:

    People who listen to her with their heart know God is her first love. Everything Joyce does is to honor God and help people in any way that she can with her life . I am a changed and more Godly person because of watching and hearing her .We all have issues and need help on this journey. We are to look at the heart of a person as GOD does nothing else matters. My 14 year old son had just died in an accident, on the morning of his funeral, I had a dream, I saw him in Heaven doing his Happy Dance with his natural blonde hair ,for months before he died we had dyed his hair black.Relax enjoy the time that God has given you, He may call you home sooner than you think.

    • Dr. Ghuls says:

      Ohh Vonnie, praying for your grief, and so thankful for the little glimpse of heaven the Lord gave you on the night before your son’s final service. My heart hurts for you, as I have 2 sons and cannot even conceive of your loss. Thank you for standing up for the least of these during the time of your loss.. I can see the pureness of your God heart in your words and hope that you can continue to see the Lords ever loving presence in your life daily, and truly know His peace… God Bless you Vonnie…
      For His Glory Alone,

  45. Debr Bates says:

    I can’t believe what I have been reading. If any of you watch her for the right reason, to learn about God and Jesus you wouldn’t be talking this way. She does wonderful things for millions of people. So what she must not have liked her lips, they are her lips, I think she looks great. And I love watching and listening to her teachings. You should all be ashamed of yourself.

  46. Dayof Reckoning says:

    She is a con artist that weazles out of taxes because a tax-exempt organization, where she lives, must have a functioning building such as a church that is used. She does not have that. But she owns (4) quantity million $$$ dollar homes. She is selling Joyce Meyer and should be made to pay taxes because it’s all about $$$. I have listened to her and my mother could get up there and preach a better sermon than her. She is not even qualified to preach the gospel. She has SO many women duped in America. They think she is their friend! LOL, sure, as long as you “give to the Lord” and it gets to her designer purse! Con artist!

  47. drew says:

    She is saposed to be teaching the word ! but
    instead she preaches about money, repent to God so you can
    get money, big house , donate money to her church, ect ect ! What she should be teaching you is ? your body is your church, ( a vessel ) ,
    helping others giving back showing love to everyone ! the things that you do in this life?? will determine whether or not you go to heaven!
    maybe it was a bad choice on her part ? or maybe it’s God’s Way of punishing her for lying to his people ? can you tell the difference between a false prophet ? & a fake one ? Jesus didnt take money for
    for is teachings ? His word was free

  48. kiska says:

    Wow. Very bad. Such a shame. I am forever scratching my head as to how these people – who have the money to see the finest surgeons on the planet – end up with these awful results.
    I also agree with others who have commented that they have never seen a good lip augmentation. Probably because with the good ones you can’t tell – but there are countless celebrities who have a rip-roaring case of ‘trout pout’ and it’s quite unattractive.
    And, not to be snarky, but I think Joyce would be farther ahead with a new hairdresser than a plastic surgeon.

  49. susan says:

    This is way more than a little lip plumping (sexy as it may be…ugh). She has obviously had major work done over the years. I personally am disgusted with televangelists and there selfish ways. They drive many people away including me. But that’s not a bad thing because then we, as believers and lovers of God, go deeper into the Word ourselves. That’s when WE get real!

  50. Elicia says:

    Poor woman looks like a marionette puppet! Why on earth would she have done this to herself?

  51. Maria says:

    I lover her teachings. I hadnt seen her in a while. I was watching TV Monday and she came on, I couldnt not concentrate on what she was saying because of how her lips looked. They are very disruptive. My husband came home asked me how her teaching was…all I could say was I have no idea but I saw The Joker on her program.

  52. Steve says:

    Didn’t God do a good enough job with your looks @ birth? Sad, VERY sad

  53. Whoa!! says:

    Okay, I haven’t seen Joyce in a year or more. I had to put the tv on mute just to figure out what happened to her!! WOW!!! She was not pretty before and whoever sold her that new bad face? Should be sued! Immediately! I can longer watch her! UN-BE-LEIVABLE!!!

  54. CLaudia says:

    The irony is that procedure is supposed to make you look better, not worse. Lip augmentation is problematic apparently because every woman that I have seen that has this, looks freakish, not attractive. Her message, whatever it is, is irrelevant to this choice. She just chose a bad procedure and a worse doctor.

  55. another Anonymous says:

    I am thinking that at her age people do it natural lines around there mouth and she just wanted to get injections of botox to get rid of the line, but I heard Stevie Nix (singer) says the first shots they do look fine but when you have to go back it starts changing your appearance and it’s not worth it..she had tried it and stopped. It’s best to just grow old naturally..wrinkles are fine if you remember how old you are :0)

  56. Anonymous says:

    Watched her show for the first time in a very long time. Have always liked her daily life teachings. I found it hard to keep my mind on what she was saying as I was so surprised by the weird appearance of her lips.

    • another Anonymous says:

      I agree, Haven’t seen her in a while and I was shocked to see her mouth the shape its in. I was just starring saying Oh my goodness, I could only watch the show by really concentrating on what she was saying. I hope this defect can go away and she can look natural.

  57. Jamie says:

    Eberything looks beautiful but her lips look so unnatural. I wasn’t sure so I looked it up on the internet. I still love her and her preaching but hard to listen to her when I’m staring at her lips. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be rude. She quite shocked.

  58. anonymous says:

    You asked us for this opinion therefore I dont feel that we are being judgemental. I think it looks terrible and I too, don’t hear her message so much anymore because my focus is so distracted. And I have LOVED Joyce Meyer. 🙁
    Bad Choice Joyce

    • Karen says:

      I haven’t followed Joyce in quite awhile. I was flipping through the TV stations this morning and ran across her program. I too have to agree with you. I was looking for a messsage, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying because I was so distracted by her appearance. I immediately had to pick up my laptop and search for any information I could find about what the deal was. I thought maybe she had had a stroke. I was very surprised to learn that she had plastic surgery. I wouldn’t have ever thought that she would do that. I think she has a fantastic gift for teaching, but it’ll be a long long time before I adjust to her new look.

  59. cate says:

    She was beautiful before and the new look doesn’t look natural. I don’t think anyone that’s done surgery has looked better…i.e. meg ryan has the lip look too. All look beautiful the way they were. Seems a bit insincere changing oneself so drastically while delivering the messages she speaks.

  60. Susie Davis says:

    I wonder if Joyce is happy with the transformation. I thought she was a nice looking lady as God made her and I think her surgeon did her a disservice. She surely had to pay a pretty penny to get it done and now has a hard time looking in a mirror, if she can even look at herself without thinking about giving the surgeon a little change, “No pun intended”.

  61. DERRICK says:

    Who are to judge. It jus goes to the ignorance in some of us. She could look like Freddy Kurger. She has a gift from Jesus to teach us what HE has for each and everyone of us. He uses each and everyone regardless of our appearance. So to have some of those REMARKS in a negative way. So you might want to question your (HEARTS)..CAUSE HE SURE DID CALL SOME OF YOU OUT! Her teachings & how (JESUS) is still teaching through HER is what should be main concerns.

    • Pat says:

      Hey Derreck,

      wake up! She is a flase teacher!

      • Pat says:

        ooops, typo… false teacher!

        • Debbie says:

          Hey Pat…She is not a false teacher.

          • Gordon says:

            She is inspiring to us. She is a great teacher.
            No matter how she looks, it does not bother me or important to me. It is important that she bring more salvation in God’s kingdom

          • Dr. Ghuls says:

            What is false? Every thing she says is based on the WORD of God.. Have you ever read any of her books? Everything that she says is backed up by scripture.. I was taught that the key to a knowing a false teacher is that they quote scripture and turn them into what makes their statements true and will not be able to back it with other scripture.. Not so with Miss Joyce. You can find the truth in her teaching with more than one scripture and she reads it as it is WRITTEN. Are you sure it is false teaching or is it just jealousy for the blessings the Lord has given her… He never said we all would have to be poor…

        • Dr. Ghuls says:

          A lot of people on this page have been positive and very “christian” Standing for the least of these (Miss Joyce).. I haven’t read as much hate as I have love and Glory for our Lord and Savior… But you are standing and outraged for these attacks, which ultimately go back to our Lord by way of Joyce which is honorable.
          Thank you for Standing on the Rock…

  62. Kat says:

    Yes, I noticed it but I thought maybe I was imagining it. My first thought was that she looks like The Joker. It did NOT improve her looks at ALL. It looks very strange – not attractive in my opinion.

    • Anonymous says:

      I could not agree more on that one.. She does like the joker. I think the lips improvement was just a terrible idea which ended up disfiguring her face. It is very distracting to the audience and contradictory at the same time. It simply contradicts with the self esteem and self confidence message she always preachs . Such a major change on her face prooves unfortunately her lack of confidence in the stunning woman she used to be. I am not judging but stating the obvious. As a human being, she makes like evryone else. Too bad this mistake is irrepairable and let her scar for life

  63. Christine Morgan says:

    it’s hard to not stare. I don’t hear her message so much anymore because my focus is so distracted. can she have it fixed back the way it was, the way it’s supposed to be? still love joyce. although, would rather hear her on the radio now.

    • Pat Cleary says:

      She is still a false teacher no matter what ssshe looks like!

      • Janet says:

        Who says she’s a false teacher? You? How do you know? Who died and left you the boss? All these people that love her can’t be wrong. Your just one person with bad judgement. Or do you get convicted of your own life when she talks about God & the Bible????

        • Katryna says:

          The Bible says she’s wrong. The Bible does not support her claim of Jesus going to hell, and the Bible DEFINITELY does not support her Prosperity Gospel. Being a Christian does not make you rich, despite what she tells you, and becoming a Christian for wealth, as many of her followers do after hearing her message, is just plain wrong. I invite you to please look into her true message and not just listen to her words alone.

        • Katryna says:

          She’s also said that she is no longer a sinner, which goes against everything the Bible and Jesus teaches us.

  64. dick buttkiss says:

    Did she get the lip augmentation at the sausage factory?, ridiculous looking I could drive my car into that pie hole.

  65. Ruthann says:

    Did she sue the surgeon ? She looked Much better before. I feel sorry for her.

  66. Glenda Wylie says:

    It look’s awful. She knew better than this, Why can’t we be glad of who
    God made us to be? Everything God made is beautiful to him, Why can’t
    That be enough ?

    • Blaster says:

      Why are people so judgemental .. ok she wasn’t happy with the face God gave her … SO WHAT! People dye their hair.. go on diets and put on make up everyday… Nothing worse than a self-righteous judgemental person …

  67. Anonymous says:

    Very weird!!! It looks terrible. ..why do this…this life is short….hello!

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