Jordin Sparks vs. Jason Derulo

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Normally when celebrity couples break up, I’m not shocked. At all. But that was definitely not the case with Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks. They seemed to have it all and were so much in love. I, for one, thought they were going to get married. After all, they were together for close to three years. That’s why when the two announced that they split last week, my mouth was on the floor. So, what happened with these two? What went wrong?

Jordin Sparks vs. Jason Derulo

Jordin Sparks vs. Jason Derulo

Well, if you’re basing what happened on Sparks, you won’t get too much of an answer. When the “Battlefield” singer turned actress appeared on the Today Show earlier this week, she of course was asked about the situation. To quote Sparks, “I’m good, actually. The funny this is I read this quote, ‘When something unexpected happens in your life or you think something bad happens, just say, plot twist! And move on.'” Then, there was the tweet she sent out right after the breakup became public. She wrote, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I think that’s what I always liked about Sparks. She’s such a positive person, and has always came off as nothing but sweet and genuine.

Then, there is Derulo, who was a bit more candid about what really went down between the famous couple. In an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Derulo said, “Every relationship has ups and downs. There was a lot of pressures of marriage. There was a lot of arguing and stuff like that that just weighed on our relationship over time.” When he was asked if the two were in a good place yet, he answered, “I wouldn’t say good terms. I’ll be lying if I said that, but it’s not a bad situation. There’s no bad blood. We didn’t end off on a weird way or a negative way. It’s not like we’re hitting each other up, like, ‘Hey, what are you doing today?’

Jordin Sparks vs. Jason Derulo

Jordin Sparks vs. Jason Derulo

Marriage pressures? Wasn’t Derulo the one who wrote a song for Sparks titled, “Marry Me” and then had her appear in the music video for it? Come on, now. Also, shouldn’t some things be kept private? Why is Derulo going on every major radio station to discuss the details of his breakup with Sparks? Sparks is taking the classy road, while Derulo…is not. I guess you might as well call me Team Jordin on this one. Who are you siding with?

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