Jocelyn Wildenstein – Example of Plastic Surgery Disaster

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Jocelyn Wildenstein is an active socialite and ex-wife of billionaire art-dealer heir Alec Wildenstein. She always wanted to look more like wild cat. So, to fulfill her dreams she had undergone various kinds of cosmetic procedures and has spent over $4 million on these plastic surgeries. It results the transformation of natural beauty into a beast.

Initially, there were rumors that she had undergone several surgeries to get attention of her husband who loved big wild cats. She thought that her husband would not leave her if she became more feline. But, even after their divorce she continued with the surgeries big cats.

Due to her tight, cat-like appearance, she was also named as ‘cat woman’. She is also known as ‘Bride of Wildenstein’. She had begun experimenting with plastic surgery in 1997 and continued for nearly 20 years. She tried several implants on her face that lead her to a great disaster.

You can see the plastic surgery journey with the help of Jocelyn’s before and after photos. They make you able to easily recognize the changes over time.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

She is also popular as the world’s scariest celebrity whose decision of plastic surgery went wrong and took her in the list of worst outcome of undergoing plastic surgery. Some says that she herself do not know about how much surgery she had. Despite of wrongly taken decision of undergoing various surgeries, she is really happy with her appearance and makes no attempts to hide her face.

Jocelyn Wildenstein had gone under the knife several times for cheek implants, eye surgery and regular face lifts. She has also done lip enhancement procedure to make her lips thicker and sexier. She has ruined her fine looks she was born with.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before & After Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before & After Plastic Surgery

Later in 2011, it was revealed that she had done some sort of corrective surgery which made her look more natural than before. After that her lips, forehead and eyebrows are giving natural appearance.

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