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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Joan Rivers’ poor plastic surgery decisions have damaged her own face.  The 80 year old grandma has spent a lot of time doing plastic surgery and it ended up awful. She was listed as one of the worst plastic surgery victims ever in Hollywood, or maybe be in the world too. She has had almost all plastic surgery procedures. But there are some points of her that become most. Some of the poorest result of plastic surgeries she has had include botox, a facelift, rhinoplasty and lip augmentation.

The first procedures are the botox and facelift. Commonly for an older person, facelift and botox can’t be separated – they need to be used in balance to make the face look tight and perfect. In Joan Rivers’ case, she did it to the extreme. She had used dozens of botox units injected in several parts of her face. The facelift was used in order to rejuvenate and tighten her facial skin. It seems like she has overdone. Her face looks unnaturally plump and frozen. Many people wonder why she didn’t want to stop injecting botox if the result was getting worse.

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Photo

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before After

The second procedure is her nose job. Her nose has turned into something weird on the front of her face. Some people said that her nose seems like a big insect and other people said that the nose look like a 180 degree rotated  “T.” Her lips were also done badly. They look like the result of lip augmentation. She has overdone it. The lower lips look badly plumped.

Beside those things, she still has had other plastic surgery procedures. Is plastic surgery procedure an addiction for her? If this thing is a hobby, we guessed she got a wrong hobby for her life.

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  2. admin says:

    I think she could play the joker in the next batman movie.

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