Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Joan Allen Plastic Surgery

Joan Allen Then and Now

Joan Allen looks younger recently. Has she had plastic surgeries? Some people believe that she has had plastic surgeries, or at least botox injections to boost some areas of the face, especially her cheeks. Other changes are also found in her face, which is smoother than it used to be.

Actually it is rather difficult to be certain whether she has had any plastic surgeries procedures or not. Everyone that examines her can’t find many differences, but can see very subtle and small changes. She has very tight skin for her age, but you can also see some wrinkles like you would expect to see in a 53 year old lady.

Joan used to have sunken and lean cheeks, but lately she appears with chubbier cheeks. Maybe she has used fillers or botox injections. Some people guess that it is the result of cheek  implants. So, what are the comments of surgeons?

Dr. Judith Hellman, a New York dermatologist explained that Joan Allen looks like has had some procedures for her cheeks. It could be implants or any kind of injection such as Radiesse, Sculptra or any fat. Joan also has smoother forehead, which could also be due to a botox injection.

California plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, opined that Joan Allen had a facelift. He noticed that in the newer photos, she has fewer lines that make her look younger. It also can be the result of a filler. He thought that whatever she did, it looked great and not overdone.

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