Jessica White Nose Job Before and After Photo

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Jessica White is known as an American model. What we see nowadays seems like there’s a new thing she has added. It’s her nose, she is strongly presumed to have had a rhinoplasty during her career. We can see this from the new shape of her nose. In the past, her nose was wider with a big tip. 

Jessica White Nose Job

Jessica White Nose Job Before and After Photo

After the nose job she, it seems like the tip of the nose got smaller. The tip is much sharper than before. and the result of that nose job seems successful. Now, she has a really nice nose and should be more confident after it. Overall, she really made her look much prettier with her new nose. Fortunately, she didn’t overdo her face, and she was wise enough to have limited plastic surgery. She has chosen a step at the right time.

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