Jessica Szohr vs. Selena Gomez

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It sounds like there is a new feud brewing in Hollywood and this time I’m talking about Jessica Szohr and Selena Gomez. Why? Well, it looks like Gomez is currently dating or at least hooking up with Szohr’s ex-boyfriend, Tommy Chiabra. After all, aren’t men always at the root of fights between leading ladies?

Jessica Szohr vs Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Gets Cozy With Jessica Szohr’s Ex-Boyfriend

While out in the south of France for her birthday festivities this past week, Gomez was photographed with her new love, Chiabra. The two were seen getting very close with one another throughout the trip, pointing all signs to the fact that Gomez may finally be over her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.  That is where Szohr comes into the picture. Chiabra was linked to Szohr as little as one month ago and it seems like the actress isn’t too happy that he’s moved on so quickly with Gomez.

In fact, like all celebrities do nowadays, Szohr sent out a cryptic quote on Instagram which seemed to be directed right at Gomez’s new boy toy. The quote read, “You want to come in my life, the door is open. You want to get out of my life, the door is open. Just one request. Don’t stand at the door, you’re blocking traffic.”

Jessica Szohr vs Selena Gomez

Jessica Szohr vs Selena Gomez

Do you think this is just another fling for Gomez? Personally, I sure as heck do. Or maybe it’s just a rebound relationship for Gomez as she attempts to get over Bieber once and for all. However, according to a source at E! News, “This is looking like a lot more than just a holiday romance. Selena seems to be loving spending time with a real man with a naturally fantastic body and great looks who knows how to treat a woman.”

Whether or not Gomez’s relationship with Chiabra is the real deal or not, I definitely think Szohr has every right to be a little ticked off at the new couple. Not even one month after their relationship fizzled out, her ex-boyfriend is seen canoodling with Gomez with absolutely no remorse or care in the world. I know if that was me, I’d be posting passive aggressive tweets aimed at Chiabra and Gomez, too. What do you think? Are you Team Gomez or Team Szohr?

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