Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

Jessica Simpson Lip Augmentation Before and After Photo

The rumors of lip enhancements always seem to find Jessica Simpson, a singer and Hollywood actress. She’s admitted that she’s had a lip enhancement, although her pictures show that she may have had some other work done as well.

Actually, what is going on with her lips? Jessica admitted that she had an injection in order to make her lips wider. However, she also got a new lip shape, that doesn’t look good. She absolutely does not like that and asked the expert to make her lips their original shape again. In this case, she is successful in getting the original shape of her lips back.

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Photo

Jessica Simpson Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

She has never commented on the breast augmentation rumors gougn aroudn about her. It’s pretty clearly seen that in the past, her breasts sagged. Now, it looks like she’s had a breast lift. Even though she’s only facing two rumors, she hasn’t confirmed one of them or talked about doing anything else. Many people think that she’s too young to have had any work done at all.

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