Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty, Collagen and Lip Injections

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Many people wonder about whether Jessica Biel has undergone plastic surgery procedures or not. Lip injections and rhinoplasty are often the procedures that people question the most. Whether or not she has undergone plastic surgery, it is unclear. If you look at some of her pictures, you can tell her lips appear bigger.

This might be the direct result of lip injections like collagen, which is shown by a voluptuous lip appearance found in a number of her pictures. However, there are lip glosses that can add volume to your lips and make them appear fuller, which could be the case for Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel nose job

Jessica Biel Nose Job

Rumors also circulated about her undergoing a nose job. If you look at some of the older pictures of her, you will find that her nose appears more bulbous at the tip. Now, it appears thinner and sculpted with a narrow bridge. No one knows for sure if all of the changes were the result of plastic surgery or just a natural change from growing older.

Since Jessica Biel is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, many people wonder about her beauty. People often question about whether she is completely natural or if she has fallen prey to the plastic surgery trap. Plenty of rumors have circulated about her making multiple visits to a plastic surgeon for lip injections and rhinoplasty.

Jessica Biel plastic surgery

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery

If you take a look at how she has changed over the years, it does appear she has had lip injections done. Even though she might have been born with fuller lips, the added volume of her lips doesn’t appear natural. Based on information from Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, it does appear that she has had a few lip injections. Just because her real lips are fuller than normal female lips, they still appear like they have been enhanced.

According to a number of plastic surgeons, they feel that Jessica Biel underwent more than just lip injections to alter her appearance. Take a look at the pics of her over the years and see what you think about her appearance. Do you think she went under the knife, or do you feel it is all part of the normal aging process?

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